Coffee House (and Chocolate Woes)

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Interesting. Very interesting. Yesterday was tiring but fun. Our Coffee House didn’t really go as expected, but then again, I really wasn’t sure what to expect anyways. So here we go – I’ll run through the entire day, and hopefully you’ll start to get a picture as to why I was tired at the end of it all.

6:30 AM. Yes, that’s 6:30 in the morning. During Christmas break. This was not my most appreciated option, but it was necessary in order to get a ride to the church in the morning. My dad leaves for work at 7:45 AM, and so I needed to be in the car with him by that time. Once I got there, I tried to look around and figure out some things that I could do to get started with the setup. I didn’t really know all that much about what Kyle had planned, so I set myself to work at making a simple Powerpoint thing that could be up on the screen when bands were playing and such. It wasn’t anything huge, just “Welcome to the Axis Youth Coffee House,” and then separate slides for each of the three bands playing. Once I was somewhat satisfied with that, I got really bored, and so I went into Kyle’s office and sat there reading his copy of Devotions by Dead People. I’m not sure that I really liked the book all that much, but it was something to do. Basically it’s just a book about different people in the Bible, and lessons to be learned from their lives.

Once Kyle got there, the real fun began. We had to basically empty out the entire platform, or as much as we could anyways, and then set up risers for the drums, put monitors on the platform, and set up the drums. Most of the monitors were over in the gym, so those had to be wheeled over with the dolly. Lawrence and Zac eventually arrived, so more people were available to help. It was a lot of work, but we got it all done in good time. Tables were also set up in the chapel and the foyer, and chairs placed around those. The entire setup probably took a good three or four hours, and then we had pizza for lunch. That takes us to approximately 1:00 PM or so.

Jordan still had not arrived by this time, so Kyle called him up and got him over. We practiced for a while, not so much because we needed it, but more for the fact that we were bored and wanted something to do. Sometime around there was when Kyle got a phone call. The band that he knew was coming for sure decided to bail out on us, because the singer had “family issues” that had just cropped up. The other band that Kyle had asked to come had never confirmed with him, so he wasn’t sure whether they were coming to play or not. Anyways, he called them again, and the singer, Andrew, felt bad, so he decided that he would come and do an acoustic set for us. I guess it was better than nothing. Anyways, later on, he also got his band to come as well, so we actually had two bands – us and them. The next few hours were spent basically doing nothing. It was really boring, and I wish I could somehow take those hours of my life and somehow get them back to spend them more productively. But, seeing as I was stuck at my church (since my dad had gone home by this time), and there was nothing to do, I doubt that it could ever happen.

So that takes us to 7:00 PM, the time when the Coffee House was meant to begin. Jordan and Zac started off with an acoustic set – I was just in the background, singing harmonies and stuff – and we basically put them to sleep. Then, Kyle and Lawrence came up and we did our set, playing Underoath songs. However, we had a real hard time getting people to even stand up, let alone come to the front. It wasn’t that we sucked or anything (at least I don’t think it was), but rather that people were too lazy and comfortable after the nice, calm acoustic part of the whole thing. Anyways, by the end we had a few people up at the front, but not many. There really weren’t that many people there anyways. Basically, the band that had bailed out on us was also the band that said they could bring about 30-50 people. So, without that, things seemed kind of empty. But oh well. For the last song, I got down and tried to get people moshing. It worked a little bit. A few people jumped up and down with me for a while. But eventually my throat was dry from screaming and jumping at the same time, so I had to go back up on stage and get my precious water bottle.

The rest of the night was kind of strange. Kyle gave out some prizes, and then tried to get people a little more involved. Jordan and Zac went up again with their guitars and the audience made a song. Kyle would just go to random people and ask them for lines to the song, and then Jordan and Zac would sing it. It was really good. I think that was really the best part of the entire night. I saw people actually laughing and having a good time. I was shocked! But I guess that was because they got to sit down and have fun. Those lazy, lazy kids. Anyways, Andrew’s band eventually came and did some songs. They really weren’t that good. They would make a good worship band, but, well, let’s just put it how Zac did and say that they made us look really good. Anyways, while they were playing, I went out to the foyer and started eating food – a very bad idea. All the food there was Christmas baking, so there was a lot of chocolate involved. I can’t resist chocolate. I ate too much of it, and then by the time Andrew’s band neared the end, I felt sick. I tried to let myself settle as much as possible, because we were planning to go back up and do a couple more songs at the end. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I was determined to try.

Anyways, Kyle handed out the last few prizes that he had, and then he started giving away random things, like one of Lawrence’s picks, autographed by him as well, a water bottle which my own lips had touched, my band pass, autographed by the entire band, and other such random things. I was willing to auction myself off, but that never happened. Anyways, with that little bit of a break, I felt better – good enough to scream one last time – and we did a couple more songs. I gave it my best shot, and then at the end, I basically collapsed and lay there for as long as I could without moving. I knew that if I moved, I would puke, and I didn’t want that to happen. So I waited long enough until my stomach had settled, and then hobbled out to a chair in the foyer to sit down. I called my parents and asked them to come pick me up, and then just basically sat there for most of the time. Eventually my dad came, and I went home. Time of departure: approximately 11:00 PM.

I spent almost fifteen hours in that church yesterday. I was so sick of that place by the end of the day, and was aching to get home. I was tired, sore, and feeling sick. But at least I learned a very important lesson: chocolate and screaming in a band do not mix. I’m making sure never to do that again. But anyways, that was yesterday, and now I’m pretty much done. Overall, I think the crowd was a little bit disappointing, but I think everyone had an alright time. I think we played pretty well as a band, but I doubt people will be screaming and yelling for another song anytime soon. I think we need some of our own songs first, at least. But oh well. That’s about all I have to say, so that is all I’ll say. Adios, amigos.

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