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Ooh, isn’t this a surprise? The past couple of days, I haven’t been able to get onto my Blogger Dashboard in order to update it. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it seems to be working now. Whatever. It’s not like there’s much to report anyways.

Basically, both Tuesday and Wednesday followed this pattern: go to work in the afternoon, come home and get a quick bite to eat, then head out to Zac’s house for band practice. Of course, on Tuesday night, I picked up Jordan as well, and then we got lost since we missed the exit on the highway. The next one wasn’t for a long, long time, and so when it did come, what did I do? I tried to get back onto the highway to go the other way, and I ended up getting on the same way as I had been going before. So, we traveled almost to Woodstock for absolutely no reason other than the fact that it was foggy and neither of us were paying enough attention to the road signs. Oh well. We got there, had a good practice, and my throat hurt afterwards. Wednesday night was the exact same, except Jordan wasn’t in the car, and I got the right exit that time. My throat still hurts, though.

Tomorrow should be awesome. As I’ve mentioned before, The Coffee House is coming up, and that happens at 7:00 this Friday at my church. I’ve been telling everyone I can about it, and apparently there should be a lot of people there – Kyle’s hoping for at least 100. When you consider that it’s about 10 or 15 times the number of people in our youth group, that’s amazing. Astounding, even. Anyways, our band is opening, so we’re doing four Underoath songs and hoping that people will be up at the front moshing their hearts out. If that doesn’t happen, well, at least we’ll have fun. Zac’s bringing all his crazy Burford people, though, so there should be lots of moshers. It’ll be sweet. I’m just glad I have a day to rest my voice so that I can be at my peak tomorrow. We now have a name for our band – A Timeless Beginning – and I went ahead and set up Myspace and Purevolume accounts online so that we can try to get our band out there. Hopefully things will pick up. But only time will tell, I suppose.

That’s about all I have to say. Things have been pretty hectic, so I’ll be glad when Friday’s all over and done with. It should be awesome, though. Hooray for screaming, and bands, and coffee! I must say, I love screaming. Every time I do it, it’s just like this strange energy that comes over me. I get so pumped up about it, and I just can’t stop. It’s so awesome. Someone will ask me if I need a break, and I’ll just take a swig of water and keep going. Of course, I get a headache from it if I do it too long, and my throat sometimes hurts a bit the next day, but hey, it’s worth it. Making sweet music comes with a price, I suppose. But anyways, enough rambling. It’s time to play some guitar now.

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if i were going i would mosh my heart out.. but i’m not. so i’ll have to be there in spirit. maybe i’ll make a cardboard cut out of myself and you can take that. haha. sounds like a plan to me!


Hmm….it’s an idea. Not a very good one, but still an idea, I suppose…haha. I think I’d rather have a cardboard cutout of myself, though. Then I could put it in random places, or outside people’s houses that I know. I would put it by their door, then ring the doorbell and run away. They open the door and look out, and see this lifesize cutout of Jeff, smiling and staring at them.

Excuse me while I go out and try my magnificent plan…..BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!