The Day of Boxing

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Again, this will be another short post, because I have to leave for work soon. Apparently some people come to watch movies on Christmas day and the day after, and so we have to cater to them. Why? Who knows? But I have to work, so I might as well give up on asking those questions.

Christmas was pretty good. I can’t say I got really amazing presents, because I didn’t ask for anything big – since my parents just got me a nice electric guitar for my birthday two months ago. I did, however, get a cell phone, which was pretty nice – not something I had asked for, but still nice. I also got a couple CDs, DVDs, and clothes. Oh yes, and lots of chocolate. That’s pretty much the best part of Christmas – the fact that you’re eating chocolate for the next three weeks just to get rid of it all. By the time you finish it off, you never want to see chocolate again – until next year, of course.

And so, here I sit, after my 19th Christmas, and I must say that, of all times of year, I like this one the best. People generally get nicer during the Christmas season. Sure, there’s always those jerks who are in a hurry to get their last-minute shopping done, but for the most part, people suddenly get courteous and forgiving around this time of year. It’s nice to see that, even if you know that in a couple weeks, they’ll be back to pushing each other around once again. Ahh, Christmas. It’s busy for the first part, and then suddenly the calm, relaxing part comes, and it’s a great time to just sigh. Here, do that with me right now. Sigh. Now doesn’t that feel better? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So relaxing…

Don’t mind me, I’m crazy. One more thing: On my daily excursions around the World Wide Web, I found this comic that depicts my blog just so wonderfully. Read it, and be amazed: Savage Chickens. Yes, that’s right. Savage Chickens. Don’t ask.

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