Party Hardly

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I have very little to say right now. I just got off work, and so I’m too tired to do much of anything as of this moment. So I’ll keep it nice and short. I was going to talk about something that I thought of last night while laying in bed, trying to sleep, but I suppose that I’ll leave it for another day. Perhaps a rainy day; perhaps a sunny one.

Last night was interesting. At about 7:25 PM, Angelie signed on to MSN and asked me if I was going to the Gillmore’s house. I said no, and asked what was happening there. She stated that it was a surprise party for Jenna. Since I barely know this person, I said that I’d pass on it. She, however, insisted that I go, since apparently I knew everyone else there (when I got there, I realized that I didn’t). I asked what time I was supposed to be there, since it was a surprise party, and she said 7:30. Great job there. So I rushed upstairs and got my wallet and keys and such, and then headed out the door, getting there pretty much right at 7:30. Then everyone basically sat there and waited for Jenna to get there. There was some confusion at one point, where we thought she had arrived, and so we all waited in the dark for about ten minutes before we finally gave up and someone went upstairs, finding out that she wasn’t there at all. Anyways, to make a long story short, she arrived, and then a whole bunch of other people that I didn’t know arrived, and so I basically sat on the couch talking to Meagan for most of the night. Wait, let me correct that: Meagan talked to me for most of the night, and I tried to reply when she stopped to take a breath. She’s a talkative one, that’s all. Nothing personal.

I eventually left the Gillmore’s house because I basically didn’t know anyone. Zeth and Angelie and Jake were there, and I knew them, along with the aforementioned Meagan, but other than that, most of the people there were people that I knew, but not very well. So I figured I might as well leave when Zeth and Angelie did, because otherwise it would start to get quite awkward. I went home, and tried to sleep before having to get up the next day to go to work. It didn’t happen quite like I planned, but I eventually drifted off to sleep. This morning, I woke up and made some French toast for myself, and then got myself all cleaned up for work. But anyways. That’s all I have to say for today, because supper is now waiting for me. Toodles.

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mmm…thanks, Jeff. I could pretend to me bad, but I’m laughing too hard to. However, if I remember the night right, (ooh, that rhymes), you were doing some talking too. Remember when you were ranting about the uselessness of university, or how bizarre NPC’s marking is? still madce me laugh.