Monetary Madness

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Not much happened today. Tonight, however, should be a different matter. I have a million things on my mind that I need to do tonight, including finishing my Christmas shopping, calling a few people, and finishing up Physics homework. It’s going to be hectic – not that there’s tons of stuff to do, but it’s still going to require a good juggling ability to make it work, especially since I really don’t know how long each thing is going to take.

As for anything else to say, there really isn’t much. Over the Christmas holidays, I also have the added task of choosing and applying for universities, which should be oh so joyous. I have the great temptation to just apply to every single university that I can, and just pick which one I want to go to once I find out where I’ve been accepted. However, that just delays the problem, and it also will cost a lot more anyways. Sheesh, who ever came up with this idea of making people pay to apply to university? I mean, it’s stupid. You have to pay just to get them to look at your application, and then they choose whether to let you pay them more money to come to their university. It doesn’t make any sense to me – then again, I suspect it mostly has to do with greed and what they can get away with, so I suppose I might understand. It’s not really about helping people get a higher education, it’s about making money. Actually, that’s pretty much what the entire world is like. Everything’s an opportunity for some extra cash here and there, until we care more about pieces of paper and numbers than we do about people. It’s quite ironic that a human invention really runs the majority of the world today. Pieces of paper and metal hold so much value, and without them, we must go without food or water, the essentials of life. Really, the only essential of life now is money – if we have that, we can get everything else we need (and want).

But I digress. I could write an entire book about the corruption of society and the influence of money, but I’ll leave that alone for now. Right now I have too many other things to think about that are more pressing, like Christmas shopping (which costs money) and finishing up homework (to get good grades for a decent job to earn money). Ah well. I might as well just close out my bank account, take everything out in hundred-dollar bills, and then rip them up and throw them into the wind. It’s all going into someone else’s pocket anyways. Insert a huge sigh here.

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