Merry Christmas!

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Well, this is not going to be a long post, because I have better things to do today than sit around and write – important things, like eating chocolate – so I’ll try my best to be concise. I wish you all a merry Christmas, and I pray that the true spirit of the season – the remembrance of what Jesus Christ did almost 2000 years ago – will remain in your hearts and minds this Christmas. Remember what He did, coming to earth, giving up the position He had in heaven and His power in order to come to earth as a tiny child. He was no ordinary child, though, for He would one day impact the world by becoming the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He gave up everything for us, and as we remember God’s gift of that tiny child, we remind ourselves of the even greater gift of salvation that we now have. I wish you all the best, and may God’s blessings be upon you. Merry Christmas!

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