Four Hundred Blessings in Disguise

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I must admit that I was pretty surprised to see that today’s entry is my 400th post on this blog. It really seems unbelievable that I really have that much to say. Then again, I suspect that most people would disagree with that. They’re sure that I have way too much to say. But anyways, if you just happen to be holding a wine glass filled with sparkling white grape juice or any other convenient beverage that is laying around, try to find someone else who is also conveniently holding a wine glass, and tap them together. Cheers! To four hundred posts, and four hundred more! Because you all know just how much you love reading these posts. Right? Right.

Not much happened today, so I’ll just go over a sort of outline. Chemistry class was pretty boring. Lunchtime was spent selling chocolates and candy canes for the Impact team, since we’re sponsoring a kid named Daniel in Africa. A bunch of us went around the hallways and asked people if they wished to purchase Christmas sweets. We actually made about seven or eight dollars, which is pretty good for “street sales.” Of course, it’s more like hallway sales, but street sales just sounds so much cooler. After lunch was Physics class, which was fairly uneventful, and Geometry was mainly filled with horrible puns by Mr. Suominen. Kristin and Brian decided to do all the answers on the worksheet we got orally, which made it incredibly hard to concentrate, but I really didn’t want to concentrate anyways. Then they started up a game of Crazy Eights, eventually changing it to Crazy Aces instead, just to screw everyone up. It was…interesting.

So, in absence of any other content which is of any significance, I must revert to the topic that I didn’t have time for yesterday: Why I hate the Christmas season. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas. It’s awesome. What I hate is the Christmas season. This basically starts right after Halloween, and mostly consists of the slogan, “Spend all your money buying presents for the ones you love – because the only way to show your love is to buy them this expensive (fill in the blank).” It completely ruins the entire season. I mean, Christmas is about remembering what Jesus did for us, giving up all that He was as God, and coming to earth as a little child – a human, a mere mortal, and even more than that, a child, completely dependent on others. He gave up His position of power for us, and while we generally like to save the message of salvation for Easter, it’s inseparable from the Christmas season as well. Everything Christ did was centred around establishing His Church on earth and providing a way of salvation for mankind. But instead, now it’s about buying things. Money, money, money. Every holiday is now centred around materialism. And that angers me.

Where did we go wrong? When did Christmas turn from the figure of Jesus to little Jesus action figures? When did the message of salvation turn into messages of Boxing Day sales? How did we completely miss the point? I suppose it all depends on the individual; I mean, we all have the choice of what to focus our attention on. But now the Christmas season is just so…busy. Even if we still choose to keep our eyes on the real message of Christmas, we still have all those people to buy presents. In other words, there’s no getting away from the busy schedule, and when you focus on what Jesus did, that just makes it even harder, because it’s one more thing to think about as you’re rushing around trying to find that special something for those on your list. It’s just difficult to stop and reflect on the Christmas message, and that’s sad.

With that said, I must rush off to the church. The youth are delivering Christmas baskets to the seniors, so I’m helping out with that. Busy, busy, busy. Nothing but busy days until Christmas is over…

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