Christmas, Crackers, and Cookbooks

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Yesterday was certainly interesting. I spent all day up in Toronto at my Aunt Lois’ house, celebrating Christmas. Actually, I should back up to the night before. I worked from 2:30-9:30, and then when I got home, my aunt and two cousins were over at our house. Now, I knew that they were going to be there, although I hadn’t been given much warning, but it was still weird. I don’t have anything against them, but I also don’t really have the most amazing time with my extended family. They’re just – different. Much different from me. But whatever. My relatives were at our house because they weren’t used to driving in Toronto – they’re country folk – and also didn’t know where my aunt lived exactly. So, we drove up yesterday in two cars, and spent the day there.

When I had heard that the Christmas dinner was going to be for lunch, I immediately had the thought that my aunt was taking the cheater’s way out. But I was pleasantly surprised, because it was a big lunch. There was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, those gross fruit jello things, and an assortment of vegetables. It was your classic Christmas dinner, except for lunch instead of supper. All in all, it was a pretty good day, although still kind of annoying with Joel, my two-year-old (I think) cousin, and my cousin’s son, Zachary. They’re cute and all, but kids are still annoying no matter how cute they are. Joel’s not too bad anymore, since he can walk and has quite a large vocabulary now (for a kid his age, anyway), but it’s just annoying when all the attention is always on them. I mean, it’s not like I want it all on myself or anything, but once there are little kids in the picture, every conversation is about them, and every time the kid makes his rounds about the coffee table, everyone’s attention is immediately on him, accompanied with the bug-eyed, baby-talk saying, “Hi Joel! Hi there!” or some similar phrase over and over. I’m so glad that kids never remember their early childhood, because it would be completely occupied with people saying hi over and over again, even though they just said it ten seconds ago, and also complete strangers coming up and trying to play with them for no apparent reason other than that they’re in the immediate vicinity and are small enough not to be able to get away. People like that bug me. Like, that’s someone else’s kid, and you’re probably spreading your horrible diseases to this poor, innocent child whose immune systems haven’t fully developed. By coming over and playing with this defenseless child, you’re killing it slowly. Yeah, that’s right. Feel guilty.

Anyways, enough about that. Once kids get older, they’re a little bit more tolerable, and so Joel is getting better. I had a little game going on with him for a while, because he loved eating the crackers but didn’t want to eat the cheese on his plate. He would come over with me and hold up his cracker, saying, “Cracker!” (no duh), and then I would point down to his plate and say, “Cheese!” He would repeat his word, I would repeat mine, and neither of us would give up. Eventually I said, “Cracker and cheese!” and won the whole thing – until he went over to the table, picked up a clementine, and proudly proclaimed, “Cwementine!” I had nothing to say to that.

After leaving Aunt Lois’ house, we dropped my sister off at her apartment, which was a big relief for me. Actually, it wasn’t too bad having her back in the house for a few days, because she mostly just stayed out of my way and I stayed out of hers. What little exchange we did have was mainly pleasant, which was strange, but not altogether unexpected since we don’t really see each other that often anymore anyways. People only get annoying when you live with them every day. She’s not bad when I only see her for statutory holidays.

But anyways, that’s about all I have to say for today. I got a cookbook for Christmas called, “Clueless in the Kitchen,” which was actually one that Bethany got last year for Christmas. I remembered it and asked for it specifically, and so I got it. I like it because it basically assumes almost no knowledge of kitchen supplies and ingredients, which is about the level of knowledge that I have. It’s good that I got it now, though, because I will have a few months to learn to cook some stuff other than Kraft Dinner for when I go to university and live on my own. I figured that I didn’t want to eat out every single night, so I decided that I had better learn to cook, or else go anorexic. Since I like eating, I preferred the first option. Today, I woke up and made scrambled eggs – not hard at all, but good to start off with, anyway, and then I was going to make something for lunch, but just had some of my Christmas chocolate instead. Whoops! Oh well. I’ll have lots of time to experiment, and I think that tomorrow will call for some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I would just make regular chocolate chip cookies, but I figure that I have a big huge bag of oatmeal that I got for my birthday, so I might as well use it up. (That was back when I had my oatmeal craze, and ate it every day for breakfast. I told Kristin that, and she gave me a bag for my birthday. I used it once, but I think I prefer instant oatmeal. Shh. Don’t tell her I said that. It’ll be put to much better use for chocolate chip cookies anyways.)

Today, I’ve basically done nothing. I did look at some university stuff for a while, but with my short attention span, little time was spent on that. The deadline is fast approaching, though – January 11th – so I need to get cracking on that. I’ll have to look at that stuff in between eating cookies, I suppose. Heh. Life could certainly be worse. But whatever. That’s all I have to say for today. I’ll try to keep you readers updated with my culinary adventures – because it’s quite easy to type with my mouth full.

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