Christmas Cookies and Car Crashes

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Generally, every day when my parents get home, at some point the question comes: “So Jeffrey, what did you do today?” Today, the answer would have to go something like this: “Oh nothing much. Went to school, went and got a haircut, almost got run over by a car. You know, the usual.” Yes, I think I have a story to tell here. But first, let’s get a few less interesting things over with.

Last night was quite refreshing. I went out and finished all my Christmas shopping, and then I came home and wrapped all of them. I am now done everything I need to do for Christmas, and it feels great. Today was basically a waste of a day. In Chemistry class, there were cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, rocky road squares, and rice krispie squares being passed around. All we did was watch a movie and eat, and while it was a waste of classtime, it certainly was a good class. Lunch came around, and I wasn’t hungry at all, so instead, we went Christmas carolling to the Science office. It was strange. Enough said. In Physics class, we had a Christmas party/birthday party for Mr. H, and we ate more food. Amanda worked hard on this party, and she had cake, chips, and pop. Jimmy also brought in his grilled cheese sandwich maker, so we also had more than enough grilled cheese sandwiches to go around. We played Pictionary and generally just had a good time. Geometry class was the only class where teaching was actually done, but since it was easy stuff, I’ll let it slide for now. Life went as usual, and so I walked down the street to the bus stop to go home and then head out to get my hair cut. That’s when life got a bit more interesting.

In all honesty, I know very little of what happened. I was standing in the midst of a big group of people at the bus stop. Suddenly, above the music pumping into my ears, I heard a big crash. I then saw a black car and a green van somewhere in the general vicinity of each other. Shocked, I watched the van screech to a halt, and the black car veer toward where I was standing. I saw it coming for what seemed like an eternity, but it didn’t really register in my head. I was mostly just watching the green van, trying to sort out what happened. People were scrambling out of the way, but I didn’t really notice it. Suddenly, a couple people screamed, and then the reality of the situation hit me in a flash. There was a car heading straight towards me. I stepped back, since I really didn’t know where this car was going. As I did so, I stumbled over the snowpile on the edge of the sidewalk. I began to fall backwards, since it was also slippery, and then I regained my balance and realized that I couldn’t really get out of the way in time. Time seemed to go into Matrix-style slow motion, and as the car jumped the curb and veered slightly off to my right, I sidestepped it off to the left. It missed me by mere inches. I mean, to give you a small taste of how close this was, let me just say that as it went by, I held my hands out and actually touched the hood of the car near the right headlight. I touched the car that could have run me over. It was craziness.

Anyways, time went back into normal speed, and I watched as the car continued to drive over someone’s lawn and hit the truck that was in the driveway. It ricocheted off the side and then rolled to a stop. People ran over to both the van and the car and made sure people were alright. Luckily, even though a car had veered off into a big crowd of people, no one was hurt, and as far as I saw, no one in the cars were seriously injured either. An ambulance arrived, and then a fire truck soon after, and then a police car about a minute after that. As I said, I really don’t know what happened, but I heard people talking about someone who had been turning left and another person going straight through on a yellow light. All in all, it could have ended up much worse. Someone ran in and got the person who lived in the house of the truck that got hit, and he came out to look at what happened. Surprisingly, though a car had come and smashed into the side of it, the truck had only a relatively small dent. I mean, it’ll probably still be expensive to fix, but it was nothing like the damage on the car and van. It would have been different if the car had veered off to the right and ran straight into the house. In fact, my body might have been different if the car had veered off to the right, because I would have had nowhere to go and no time to act.

I suppose that was my excitement for the day. God has a way of throwing nice little interesting things at you, and then protecting you to show Himself faithful. Either that, or He really wants me to write about interesting things in this blog of mine. I wasn’t really looking forward to coming home and writing about my oh-so-exciting haircut. It was pretty interesting to just see people’s reactions to the whole thing, though. I saw a few people hugging their girlfriends, even though they weren’t all that close to the car. One person was saying how he was still shaking almost a minute later. And here I was – the person who fell down and then got up and touched the car, and then things were back to normal. I dodged the car, sidestepped it so it missed me, and then stared in disbelief at what had just happened. It barely even shook me, though. It was like a storm that comes and goes. It arrives with thunder and lightning, a brilliant display of power, and then it continues on its way, leaving the area as quiet as it began, a calm hush after a terrible storm.

I guess I’ve been due up for some excitement, and I suppose after this, I’ll have some more dull days with nothing to really report. Oh well. That’s just how life goes, I suppose. But whatever. That’s all I really have to say about today, so I guess that’s the end of this entry. Have a good day, everyone – and try not to get hit by any cars.

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Jeff, your new nickname is Jeffrey ” I touched Death and Survived” Hughes. What a crazy story. You have to use this nickname =) Good thing you’re OK. Have a great Christmas

Emily S.


Haha oh man, that’s an awesome nickname! I’m definitely using that one. Man, the best I could come up with was Jeff “I almost got hit by a car” Hughes. Jeez…

Anyways, a happy Christmahanukwanzaa to you too!