Snow, Slaps, and Schedules

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I really have nothing to say today. Last night was alright, but nothing special. I went to the Wednesday night Under Cover video series thing at my church, and then I came home and didn’t do the homework that I should have done. Today was just a “blah” day, not bad, but just not good either. I got to school, and by about halfway through Chemistry I wanted to go home. I just wasn’t in the mood for school. Anyway, I suffered through the day, and now I’m at home and I don’t feel good. I’m having some sort of indigestion mixed with stomach pains, and it’s not very delightful. But whatever. I’m sure nobody really wants to know about that, so I’ll spare you any more details.

The most interesting part of the day was at lunchtime. I was standing roughly in the middle of the hallway, talking to Jordan and Kristin. Jordan had a can of Coke in his hand, so I mentioned that I didn’t like Coke. He went to slap me in the face, but I brought my head back to dodge it, and wham! smacked the janitor of the school right in the head. It was totally unintentional, but this guy just kept walking like nothing had happened. I’m sure that a nuclear bomb falling on the school would have left him undisturbed. He would have just continued on his way, cleaning up after the radioactive fallout and not saying a word. I called out after him and said sorry, but he didn’t even turn around. That was pretty much the highlight of the day. My head hurt, though.

Today’s the last day before Harry Potter 4 comes out and all my worst nightmares come true. I got my work schedule last night, and all the shifts are completely screwed up. On Sunday, I’m working from 9:00-1:30. Yep, that’s right, 1:30 AM. With Harry Potter being almost a three-hour movie, it means that we have to stay quite late. It’s going to be horrible – or at least, it won’t be that great the next day, getting up for school. Anyways, on Wednesday, I’m working from 5-8 on stock, which is kind of strange, since normally they just give someone a stock/floor shift, since it really doesn’t take that long to do the stock. All that basically needs to be done is to move the boxes of product from one end of the lobby to the other (with help of a little cart thing) and then put them into the stock room, making sure that the stock is rotated so that the oldest stuff gets used first. It takes a little while, but certainly not three hours, and probably not long enough to separate it into its own shift. But, I guess the ushers will be pretty busy with Harry Potter fans, so perhaps that’s why they separated it. Whatever. Next Thursday, however, should be interesting. They scheduled me for 6-12 as floor/marquee. I have no idea how I’m going to do that. There had better be another usher scheduled or something, because it’s going to be hectic doing both things. Whatever. I’ll figure it out, I guess. Tonight, I’m working my usual 8:30-11:30, so that should be nice and fun in the snow. Meh. I’ll live.

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jeff…i am pretty disappointed in you…you haven’t written on this thing for over a week…and i have been really bored lately..and now i have nothing to read!!!


jeffrey hughes!
all i’ve done for the past 13 days (ALMOST 2 WEEKS) is sit infront of my computer and press the refresh button hoping a knew post would appear on your blog. BUT IT HASN’T. my life is in shambles. how will i ever go on.. ?


I’m Jeff’s self-appointed public relations person for the time being. I’m here to let you all know that he is indeed alive, but his internet isn’t working. so yeah.. keep pressing that refresh button, and one day, hopefully in the near future, a new post will appear 🙂


Yeah, for about the past two weeks, I haven’t had the Internet at home. Sympatico just decided to stop working, and Bell doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fix it anytime soon. My dad’s working on either getting a refund from them and switching to another company, or getting a technician out. Woo. Stay tuned…

(P.S. I’m writing this from school, in case you’re wondering…)