Sleep, and Saving Scars

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You know you’re in bad shape when you can work a 6 1/4 hour shift that ends at 12:15 AM the next day, get home horribly late, wake up the next morning, and feel just as horrible as the morning before. If you can’t get any more tired after working a long, late shift than you were before the shift, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve hit the bottom of the “tired” scale. But all is not lost. My managers were nice enough to give me one day off before scheduling me for three days in a row. Boy, how I love facing the prospect of not getting any sleep for the next half a week, when I already feel like I could sleep for that length of time straight. It just brightens my soul and makes life worth living, don’t you think?

But enough with the sarcasm. I’ve lasted with little sleep for longer than that before, and I’m still alive, so I think I can do it this time. I’ll just be nice and grumpy and make sure that everyone around me knows that if they bug me, I’ll bite their heads off. Or I’ll just suck it up and get it over with. One or the other. But anyways, as stated, I worked six hours and fifteen minutes last night, and I was ready to go home by the time I got there. Even though it was Tuesday, it was quite busy, with lots of little kids running around, along with some handicapped people in wheelchairs and some blind kids as well. Why anyone would take blind children to a movie is beyond me, but I guess it’s their money that they’re spending. So I was kept nice and busy, and so was concession. After all, 90% of parents seem to have no clue how much their child can eat, so they ask their child what he/she wants, and he/she whines about getting a large popcorn and drink. Then the parent buys it for the children, and I end up having to pick up the 3/4 full bag left in the theatre afterwards. Sometimes I just want to grab these parents by the shoulders and yell, “Your kid is four! He can’t eat a freakin’ truckload of popcorn! Now leave here and never breed again!” Sheesh. But as I stated before, I suppose it’s their money they’re wasting, not mine. In fact, I’m making money off their stupidity. So it’s all good, I guess.

Other than the busyness, it was a fairly boring night. Things went basically as scheduled, with few interruptions, and there were no major hassles. The biggest event of the night was when I kicked three girls out who were going to see Saw 2. They had bought tickets at the ATM machine, so they didn’t have to show ID to buy them, of course. I’m supposed to check ATM tickets when I get them for 18A movies, so I asked them for ID. I only needed one of them to prove that they were 18, and they could all get in. But when I asked for it, they all kind of looked around and then stated that they didn’t have any on them. At this point, I wanted to smack them upside the head. What kind of people don’t carry any identification with them at all? I mean, what if they got in a horrific car accident and their body was so mangled that it was impossible to identify? How would their family be notified without ID? And I mean, if one of them really was 18, don’t you think they might have had a driver’s license? So I mean, if they didn’t have any ID, it was their fault, not mine. I told them that they could wait in line to get a refund, but that I couldn’t let them in without ID. They just told me that I was retarded, and that I should just let them in. But whatever. It’s not my fault if they decided to store everything inside their purses except identification. I mean, you could probably restock an entire department store with all the things girls carry in their purses, but who doesn’t have a simple driver’s license or student card with their birthday on it?

That was pretty much the highlight of the night. I know it’s not much, but I’m stretching here. Today was fairly uninteresting as well. The highlight was really the Impact meeting at lunch. I told the people there that Jon was, as I spoke, telling a bunch of guys from the football team about Christ and salvation. His plan was to tell them about it over a span of three days at lunchtime, and apparently there were a fair number there (he said about 20, Jared said it was about 10, so I’ll go with 15). So we prayed for him, and it was cool, because we were praying likely at the same time that he was talking to them. Awesome stuff. Then we had a nice discussion about how to effectively share our faith with others. I didn’t really get to say anything about it, but I really enjoyed the things that were shared in the group, and it was quite helpful.

In conclusion, I think I’ll copy and paste the lyrics to an awesome song that I found a couple weeks ago. It’s by an great band called Kids in the Way, and the song is called Scars that Save. It’s really just an awesome song, because it shows that without Christ’s scars, we are nothing. We’re just completely unable to make it on our own, and His blood and His pain is the only things that saves us from, really, ourselves. So here we go:

Over and over Your blood covers me.
How many times will it take me to see,
I am so dangerous.
I am so irresponsible.

Here I am, broken again, but then You show me
You’re wearing the scars that save.
How can You see me, as something so lovely.
Cause it’s killing me that I am to blame.

Over and over it falls back to me.
My knees hit the floor and it’s easy to see,
I am so arrogant.
I feel so unforgivable.

This is my same old song,
The one where I do it all wrong.
And I will try with all that I am to get it right in the end.
This is my same old song,
The one where I do it all wrong.
And I will fight with all that I am to get it right.

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