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It’s taken at least three or four weeks, but I finally got to go see Flightplan last night. I went with Kristin, Michelle, and Melissa. It was a pretty good movie – it could have been better, but it still was worth what I paid for it, which was, coincidentally, nothing. However, had I actually paid the $7.50 that normal, non-theatre employees have to pay, it would still have been worth it. After the movie, we went out to Williams for a little while, and I sat there most of the time completely confused as Melissa and Kristin jabbered back and forth about inside jokes. But whatever. It was cool.

Today was also not too shabby. It wasn’t all that interesting, but Steph and Chelsey came to visit at lunchtime, since they don’t have school today or tomorrow. Chelsey went off to visit some people she knew, I guess, so I only saw her for about three seconds, but Steph hung out with Kristin, Jordan, and me. We had a great time walking to the Wayne Gretzky Centre and back again for no particular reason. Well, okay, it wasn’t that great a time, but it was slightly more interesting than the regular lunchtime that I have every day.

Anyways, in lieu of any real content, and because of the fact that I wanted to use the phrase “in lieu of,” I will end this off with a song that has really gotten me thinking lately. Although I’m not sure that I completely agree with it – like the fact that it appears that God unconditionally accepts us, even though I think their intent was that He unconditionally accepts us if we have repented – I really like the song, because it captures a sinner’s shame in contrast to God’s forgiveness. He really does forgive and forget, wiping our slate clean and starting it fresh. And so, here we go – “I’m Alright” by Kids in the Way:

I run away when I get scared
I find a place where no one’s there
And I cry

My shame it covers like a cloak
It leaves room enough to choke
And I’m stranded

When I fall down
You pick me up
You wipe my eyes
And say it’s alright

It’s alright

He’s the one that knows the place I go
He never fails to let me know
I’m forgiven

He sees the good in you and me
He throws our sins into the sea
They’re forgotten
They’re forgotten

And no matter where you go
No matter what you know
No matter who you are
No matter what you thought
It’s forgiven

And no matter what you say
No matter time of day
No matter how you look
No matter what you took
It’s forgotten

I’m alright

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