Insanity of the Infinite

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Do you ever get the strange feeling that God might be suffering from a mild form of insanity? I sure do. Sometimes it seems that He does the oddest things, and lets the craziest situations happen. And while I’m sure He’s got His reasons for it, I think you’d have to be crazy just to understand them. I guess being infinite and omniscient for all these years would do that to you…

Take, for example, what He decided to do one day while He was bored. He got together with the rest of the Trinity and said, “Hey guys, let’s create Earth!” They all thought it was a great idea (which is probably a good thing, since they’re all one Being – talking to yourself is bad enough). But I mean, this is God we’re talking about here. He knows exactly what’s going to happen for the rest of eternity, since He’s outside of time. So He knew exactly what was going to happen once He created Earth. He put Adam and Eve in their nice little garden, and put the one tree there just for kicks, so that they had their free will. Elsewhere, He was also putting down a rebellion by Lucifer, and so we get the first soap opera/drama of history as Satan attempts to continue his rebellion down on Earth. But I mean, God knew it would all happen. He knew that Adam and Eve would fall, and that everyone else in the entire history of mankind would be tainted with a sinful nature, and that we’d all be running around having an incredibly hard time trying to conquer it. He knew about our pride and our selfishness – and yet He still went ahead and created Earth anyways. I mean, He created Lucifer, knowing full well that this guy was going to go and rebel and cause a whole bunch of horrible things to happen throughout all of history – and He still creates the guy in spite of it. Insanity? It sure seems that way.

Down to a personal level, God also has the incredible ability to dump a whole bunch of stuff on you all at once and then watch you struggle through it, sorting through things one small piece at a time. I mean, I went to a Christian Colleges & Universities tour last night in Burlington, and now I am overwhelmed with options. I have absolutely no idea what path I want to follow, only that I want to get into Psychology or Counselling of some sort. And so I’m praying to God, and He seems to be up there saying, “Well hey, good luck with that! Have fun, ’cause life is great!” Yeah, sure. Easy for Him to say. He has such high expectations for us, even knowing full well that we can never live up to them. I would question whether He actually knows how hard He’s being on us, except that Jesus went through it all. So hey, if He can live a sinless life, we can too, right? Well, except for the minor detail that, you know, He’s God and all, and we’re not. But God’s up there saying, “Well, He did it, so you can too! I’m rooting for you!”

Yes, God certainly is insane. Who in their right mind would create someone with the full knowledge that they would break His heart countless times and never be able to live up to His perfect expectations? You have to be crazy to do something like that. But I guess that God certainly is crazy. I know He’s insane because He’s madly in love with us. It’s like two people that fall in love with each other. Every moment they share with each other is a thrilling experience, even if they’re sitting on a couch watching TV. Even though the other person is far from perfect, they see each other as somewhere far above perfect, absolutely capable of no wrong. And while God knew that we would break His heart over and over, He still thought it worthwhile to create us because He is just so madly in love with us. He knew we’d fail Him, and He knows we’re far from perfect, but because of His Son’s blood, He sees us as perfect. Every sin is forgiveable, because we’re just the best thing that’s happened to Him since sliced bread – or rather, before sliced bread. He’s perfectly content to sit there having His heart repeatedly broken, because, even though we can’t see how things turn out, He knows that everything turns out peachy in the end. Because God has the whole timeline stretched out before Him, He sees the pain and the horrible things that happen somewhere in the middle, but near the end, sometime in between now and forever, He sees that all the pain He goes through on our behalf ends up being worth it. Yeah, God’s crazy, but in a good way. He’s crazy enough to love people like us.

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