Evil Apples and Late Nights

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Last night was semi-interesting. I say that because part of it was out of the ordinary, while the rest was fairly usual for a Monday night. I went over to Jordan Smith’s house to jam with Jeff, Jordan, and Angelie. We did a bunch of worship songs, and it was cool. Then I headed straight to the worship practice at my church, which is every Monday. That went pretty well, and I got to see Jordan’s sweet new guitar – it’s so amazing. I had to wipe the pool of saliva off the ground afterwards. But all that worship was pretty sweet. It was probably just a little bit less than 4 1/2 hours of praising God, so that was awesome. My fingers just hurt somewhat afterwards, that’s all.

Today was fairly average until lunch time, when we went to BCC. Michelle drove Kristin, Becky, Jordan, and me over, and we hung out there for a little while. There’s not much more to say about it than that. Bethany and Melissa had a race to see who could get to us first when we got there, and then Bethany threw an apple at Melissa, and she went down and skidded on the gravel. It was shocking, and yet at the same time, quite funny. I suppose it could have been a lot worse than it was, but I guess that’s what can happen when apples get tossed around. So remember that, kids: Apples are dangerous. Stay as far away from them as possible, and if any adults tell you that eating one every day keeps the doctor away, don’t believe them.

I’m not sure what else to say. I have to work tonight from 6-12:15, which should be brutal, just because it likely won’t be all that busy, and it’s a long shift as well. I’ll have to find some way to amuse myself, I suppose. At least I get a half hour break, though, which is good. Anyways, I’m kind of running low on sleep, just because for the past four days, I don’t think I’ve gotten home before about 11:00 PM. Friday night it was Melissa’s house, Saturday night it was Erica’s house, Sunday night it was Wendy’s, and Monday night it was worship practice. Tonight will make five days, and then hopefully I’ll be able to recover somehow. Oh well. At least I don’t have a lot of homework or anything, since it’s mostly been a bunch of tests lately, so that at least means that I don’t have to get up early to do it or something stupid like that. Yes, sleeping in is good. And it’s even better when you’re running low on sleep. In the past, I’ve tried to get to bed by about 10:30. It never worked. Even when I would get there by that time, I’d end up just laying there awake for about an hour or so, because for some reason I just can’t get to sleep until about 11:30 – ever. It’s annoying some nights, but I guess it’s not too bad when I don’t get to bed until that time anyways. Whatever. I guess it all works out in the end. But that’s all I have to say, so without further ado, I end this post. Yes, ado.

4 responses to “Evil Apples and Late Nights”


LIAR!!! Melissa totally threw that apple at me, stained my shirt and then up and fell down all on her own. so there, i guess apples aren’t that evil are they? that’s right…


Yes, and black is white, and white is black. Of course…it makes perfect sense to me.

But apples are still evil.


No, you see, you pushed yourself. I’m not sure how that’s really possible, but I’m sure you could find a way to do it. And I completely wash my hands clean of this matter, because I don’t eat apples, so I don’t get infected with their evilness. Voila! I have proven my innocence.