Concert Craziness

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Oh where, oh where do I begin? I didn’t have a chance to post an entry yesterday, because I was busy rockin’, moshin’, and screaming at the top of my lungs. Yes, that’s right – I was at an MxPx and Relient K concert, and it rocked my socks off.

To start things off, yesterday was pretty normal. After school, my dad picked me up and then drove me straight to the church. Everyone that was going to the concert met there, and then we headed out in two vans. Altogether, there were 10 people, so that was pretty good – more than I had expected, anyways. We drove up to Toronto, found the place (called the Koolhaus) and then walked around looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up at a grocery store-type place which had a deli that we bought food from. It was alright. I had some sort of roast beef sub, which was a little bit soggy, probably because it had been sitting out there all day. I was so hungry, though, that it didn’t matter. I scarfed it down and enjoyed it immensely.

We waited in line for a while before the doors opened, and talked a bit to the people behind us, who had come from Lindsey – basically, a town in the middle of nowhere. That was mildly interesting. We basically just kind of joked around until the doors finally opened, and we got in. There was a pat-down check to make sure we weren’t carrying in knives, guns, bombs, or flamethrowers, and then we went inside. It was actually quite a cool place – I guess that’s why they call it the Koolhaus. We waited around for a little bit, and then the first band came on. They were called Over It, and this was their first club show in Canada. They sucked. Well, okay, I guess they weren’t all that bad, but they just bugged me. The lead singer reminded me of one of the guys at my work, which kind of freaked me out, and one of the guitarists’ guitars was off-tune. All their songs sounded very, very similar, and they ended off with this weird song with a really quickly-sung verse that sounded like he was trying to rap or something. Anyways, everyone just sort of stood there and did nothing. The microphones were turned up way too loud anyways, and so no one could hear anything at all except for one big blur of sound.

The next band up was Rufio, and they were a bit better. Their backup guitarist was Asian, and he had long hair that he made sure to wave around frantically as he played. He was also a really good guitarist, so that made it so much better. They were still turned up a bit too loud, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Over It. The drummer of the band, though, really bugged me. He had a combover straight out of my childhood, and big buckteeth that he liked to show off. It was really strange. It was almost as if he was smiling as he played, but it wasn’t a smile – it was just his mouth open, with his buck teeth sticking out. It was pretty funny, but that just ruined the band performance for me. They were pretty good, but with a drummer like that, they automatically weren’t. Anyways, they had a few fans in the audience, so a bit of moshing went on, but not too much. It was basically the people standing right at the front, next to the stage, and when you’re up there, moshing is the only thing you can do. It’s just how it’s done. But whatever.

Moving right along, up next was the big hit of the night, MxPx. They must have done at least 15 or 20 songs, but they were awesome. The whole front section turned into one big moshpit, and everyone was going crazy. I got in there, and kept jumping up really high. As Jordan said afterwards, “I felt like a black man.” I’m not really sure why I can jump so high, but I can, and so I did. My waist was at people’s heads at some points, and then the people behind me enjoyed pushing me while I was in the air, so I’d bump into about three or four people on the way down. It was so much fun, though. The great thing about moshpits is that nobody cares if people bump into them. Everything works out in the end, because as you’re getting bumped, you’re also bumping into other people, so you can’t really complain. It’s kind of gross once people get sweaty, though. One guy took off his shirt, and he was covered in sweat. Jordan was moshing and then bumped into him, his arm sliding down the guy’s back. Jordan came out of the incident with one wet, nasty arm, and for the rest of the night both he and I were trying to avoid this guy. The guy was apparently following Jordan around and laughing, so that was pretty gross. People like that should just not be allowed to breed.

The last band was Relient K, and while they were still really good, they were a bit of a letdown. After rockin’ out with MxPx, Relient K came and did some heavy songs, but halfway through the songs, they’d slow it down and play keyboard, like they do on the CD. On the CD, it sounds great, but for a concert, keyboard just doesn’t really cut it when it’s not accompanied by some sweet guitar. Everyone was moshing and having a great time, and then they cut out the guitar and would go to keyboard, and you could just see everyone stop jumping. People were singing, though, so I guess it worked out. By that point, though, most people were likely hoarse, and since you couldn’t really hear yourself sing anyways, a lot of people were grossly offtune and doing more damage to the song than anything. Whatever. Near the end of the Relient K set, Matt (the lead singer) suddenly pointed toward the back and said, “Look out!” What we saw when we turned to look was a bunch of storm troopers standing with their blasters across the little balcony at the back. A couple also came up onto the stage and held Matt at gunpoint. Then the big guy, Mr. Darth Vader himself, came out and had a little “discussion” with Matt. Matt then came back to the microphone and explained that Darth Vader had said that they couldn’t play any more songs. Everyone booed, and then he added that he had also said that six people would have to die as well. Then he repeated himself, adding that this would happen unless people agreed to go out and buy the new Star Wars DVD. That was pretty much the highlight of the concert – using some sweet costumes and a light-up light saber to shamelessly advertise Star Wars.

After that little show, the band did one last song, and then left the stage. People started chanting, “One more song! One more song!” like they had done with MxPx. The only difference was that MxPx had come back out and done another song. Relient K never did. People must have chanted it for a full minute or two, and then the tech guys came on the stage and started taking stuff down. Eventually people let out a big, “Boo!” and then left. It really was a letdown, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be too great for Relient K’s image. When your fans yell out, “One more song!” that’s what you do. You don’t just leave and don’t come back. But whatever. I still say that MxPx was the best band there, but the concert overall was great.

So now, I’m sitting here sore, tired, and with only half a voice. I was screaming most of the night, and now I barely have any voice, although it’s a lot better than it was this morning. My neck is also stiff, along with my shoulders and back, and my legs are very sore. I feel like an old man, and when I’m running on about six hours of sleep, it just adds to the effect. But whatever. All the pain and soreness was worth it, and I’d do it again for sure – just give me a week or so to recover from this concert.

But anyways, today has been relatively uninteresting. I did my ball launcher challenge today in Physics, and things went terribly. I didn’t make it into any of the targets, and so that gave me a 0/12 for that part of the project. Oh well, I didn’t really expect it to work that well anyways. I wasn’t accurate enough with the markings on my launcher, and the thing was not accurate enough to give me any confidence that it would actually be able to fire the ball into the target. Oh well. The proposal and graph for the project is worth more than the actual performance of the launcher, so I at least have a chance to get some marks there. Once I bring it home, however, it’s time for a little quality time with me and a hammer. I really never want to see that thing again, and it’s either destroying it with a hammer or dropping it off a really tall building. Those two options will be my only consolation for having to go and build that stupid thing. But whatever. Besides that, my day was uneventful, so I really have nothing much else to say. So that’s it. Now beat it. Scram. Or don’t. See if I care.

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