Busy as a Bumblebee

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I’m not sure what exactly to write about today. There really isn’t much to say. I worked last night, and it was horribly busy, with kids running around everywhere – even more than last week, since now there’s another kids’ movie in theatres, Zathura. I got home and decided that it was too late to really go anywhere or do anything. So I decided to just go ahead and do my homework to get it out of the way, just in case anything happened tonight.

I also worked this afternoon, 12:00-5:15 PM. It was horribly long and horribly busy once again, since people are more likely to take their kids to a matinee show than an evening show. On top of that, the cleaning people, who normally come in either at night or at about 6:00 AM to clean the entire theatre, never showed up. Garth called them at about 11:00 AM and finally got them in, so when I got there at noon, they were busy cleaning the theatre. Once we opened up, though, they couldn’t do much more, so it was still pretty messy. Only a tiny bit of the lobby was vacuumed, so the rest had bits of popcorn on the floor that made it look like it had snowed or something. The theatres themselves were still pretty bad as well. It really made for a horrible opening; normally everything is nice and fresh, and today it felt like somehow we had never closed the night before and had decided to just keep things going right into the next day.

After the movies got in, I spent the time sweeping up the bits of popcorn in the lobby. I never really got completely finished that, but I did as much as I could until the first movie got out. Chicken Little had staggered showtimes, since it’s playing in two theatres, with an extra showtime in each, and so that made for basically non-stop cleaning of theatres. I finished cleaning one theatre, and then the next one got out, and then by that time all the other theatres started to get out, so I spent time cleaning those, and meanwhile Chicken Little was already up and running again, so just as I finished cleaning all the other theatres, they were ready to be cleaned again. It was hectic, and very tiring. Normally, an shift as an usher will only require you to clean theatres twice at the most. Today, because of the extra showtimes of Chicken Little, I had to clean three times. And that’s just too much for this frail, old body of mine to handle. I’m now tired and sore, and cranky on top of that. I got about a ten-minute break, but I didn’t want to take one any longer than that because then a theatre would get out and I would get behind on cleaning. That’s how hectic it was – I couldn’t even take the full break that I was legally entitled to.

But whatever. I guess I survived, and now all I really would like is a foot massage. I swear that I must have walked at least a mile or two today, from walking back and forth between the different theatres. I’m sure that’s enough energy to power a small city, but it’s all in a day’s work for me. I’m just dreading next week – when Harry Potter 4 comes out, and it’s standing room only just to get into the Brantford Mall alone. This busy shift is only a taste of what is to come next week. I just hope my poor little feet can stand it.

Anyways, I think I’m done talking for today. Nobody’s called me up to do anything so far, but I’m hoping that will change. I don’t really feel like calling anyone myself, just because I know that if I go to hang out anywhere, I’m going to need to buy a large coffee at Tim Horton’s just to stay awake. So I’ll do something if someone calls me; otherwise, I’ll save my money. I feel like being sociable, after all, but I don’t feel like actually doing anything other than sitting and perhaps sleeping. And so, that is what I will do if no one calls me, and I must say that I am quite looking forward to it. So, until next time, stay alert and stay safe.

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