Turkey Time

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It’s certainly been a day out of the ordinary today. But that goes without saying. After all, it’s Thanksgiving – which means a day off school. Today we had the family over and shared a big meal and a few laughs. Blah blah blah. Jordan and I spent most of the time playing guitar, because, well, that’s what we do. But yeah. There’s really not much to say. As far as Thanksgivings go, this one was fairly average. No burnt turkey, no flaming households, no food fights. Yep, just average.

Last night we had a little bonfire at Jeff’s house. I say it was little because it’s in this little sort of furnace thing outside. It’s kind of illegal, since he lives in the city, but oh well. The cops didn’t get called or anything. There were a bunch of people from Central there, and then little ol’ me from New Life. But whatever. I know them, obviously, so it’s cool. We went to the park for a while, then to Tim Horton’s. Everyone was sort of bored, but I think they were all doing something afterwards. The guys were having some sort of Turkey Bowl or whatever, and the girls were sleeping over at Angelie’s house I believe. I wasn’t doing either of those, so when people started leaving, I went home. And now, sitting here, I face the prospect of all my friends being busy eating turkey dinners and having fun doing cool things, and me sitting here bored. But oh well. I’d call people up, but I’m afraid that I’d interrupt someone’s turkey dinner and get them mad at me. So I’ll just find some way to occupy my time and keep myself entertained. It might be difficult, but oh well. Que sera, sera. (If you’re not a French fanatic, neither am I. Go look it up and quit whining about Canada’s bilingualism.) But anyways, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and, well, go find something to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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