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To start off this entry with something a bit light-hearted, I’ve been listening to the Switchfoot CD that I got for my birthday, and on the song “The Setting Sun,” the verse is out of the singer’s range and he tries to compensate. It’s really funny because there’s one note that’s just too low, and at one point his point kind of goes raspy, so it sounds pretty cool and funny at the same time. I suppose you’d have to hear the song to really understand what I’m talking about, but whatever. Let’s just say that I get a little chuckle out of it whenever I hear it.

Other than that, there’s not too much to say. The monotonous day was broken up a bit at lunch, when Jeff took Angelie, Kristy, and me out for lunch. We went to the Pita Pit, where Jeff then proceeded to try to talk me into skipping class for the afternoon. You see, since he has really easy classes that he doesn’t care about too much, like Construction and Auto, he assumes that everyone else’s classes are the same way and that everyone has the same attitude toward them. But I have classes where I actually have to think and know stuff other than basic motor skills in order to pass the class. I mean, I’m not saying that Construction classes aren’t important or anything, because without them, I probably would be sitting outside right now for the lack of a house. But they’re not as mentally demanding as classes that deal with almost purely theory, like Geometry and Physics. And unlike Jeff, who told me that he really could care less about doing well in his classes, I need every mark I can get in order to get into Psychology in university, and the entire reason I took another year of high school was to better prepare myself to get into university. It’s a lot harder to get into a university than a college, especially in a field like Psychology.

So with that said, he took us back to school for the afternoon, and the day resumed like normal. I had planned to stay after school to put together Mr. Humpartzoomian’s robot centipede that he bought, but that didn’t end up happening. He had asked if I was interested, and I said sure. Mike had also told him that he was interested, and that kid’s smart, so I figured it’d be a fun (if not nerdy) time. Unfortunately, Mike couldn’t do it today, so we decided to do it another day, and I quickly grabbed my bag from my locker and went to catch the bus. I think it would have been interesting, but Wednesday isn’t really a good day for me anyways, with the video series at my church at 7:00 PM and all.

Anyways, there isn’t much else to report. I had the chance to talk philosophy with Mr. H for a little while in Physics class, so that was cool. Apparently he doesn’t see evolution as a viable theory, so I’m interested in talking with him about it further to see what exactly he believes as to the origins of the universe. I saw it as somewhat of an opportunity to talk with him about creation, but the conversation took a different course, so perhaps I’ll do it later. At the very least, the groundwork is there, so it might be possible for me to steer the conversation that way while working on this centipede thing – whenever that ends up happening.

That’s about all I have to say. I was thinking about writing something deep today, but nothing really comes to mind. In all honesty, I haven’t seen God teaching me anything lately. However, since I know He’s always guiding and teaching, it’s likely something that I just haven’t been able to see yet. The focus of several different spheres of my life has been about love lately, so perhaps that’s the direction He’s taking. I’m talking about true love – that is, the love that we are called to have for all others. But since I don’t have the mind of God, I can’t say with any certainty that this is what He’s trying to teach me. Lately He just has seemed to be silent, which is discouraging at times. I almost feel like I’m praying to a wall. However, if there’s one thing that’s been drilled into me, it’s that feelings aren’t a basis for judging much of anything. I can’t say that God’s far away just because I can’t feel Him near me, and I can’t say that He isn’t speaking to me just because I can’t hear Him. It’s more likely that I’m just not listening. I’ve been occupied with several things, and although I attempt to make time for God, sometimes He gets pushed to the background – that’s of course not a good thing, but it’s the truth. The good thing, though, is that now that I have a guitar, I’ve been learning and playing worship songs. It’s really given me a chance to pour out worship to God. I’m not always that big on singing, but when I play and am actively involved in making the music, it seems to help. The only danger with that is that it’s possible for me to get caught up in the music and think I’m worshipping, when really I’m just feeling the emotion of a song and enjoying hearing myself sing. That’s always a danger, though, when singing, and I usually am pretty careful that I think about the words I sing.

With all that said, I think I’m just going to end this off here. I want to play some songs, and then perhaps I’ll get around to reading the chapter of Under Cover that I’m supposed to read for this week. It’s not a big deal if I don’t, since I’ll hear John Bevere speak about it on the video, but I want to try and keep up. But whatever. I’m rambling now, so this is where I end it off before I start spewing out random words uncontrollably.

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