Tests, T-shirts, and Thursdays

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Alright, well there’s no deep thought for today. I really wasn’t thinking about too much stuff other than the two tests that I had – one in Physics, the other in Geometry. Well, I guess around lunchtime, I had the thought that perhaps teachers plan this sort of thing. It’s all a big conspiracy; they try to plan as many tests as possible on the same day.

But anyways, enough about conspiracy theories. I could come up with them for hours. Today was pretty boring. As I just mentioned, I had a couple of tests, both of which I completely aced, I’m sure. I was the first one done the Physics test, and when afterwards I heard people complaining about how hard it was, I had the thought that perhaps I had missed a page or something like that. Of course, the people complaining about it were the ones who never bother to study, so I didn’t take it into too much consideration. It was honestly one of the easiest tests I’ve ever done. The Geometry test was pretty easy as well. I handed it in with about twenty minutes left of class, and he marked it and handed it back to me soon afterwards. I got three marks off, which isn’t too shabby at all.

Other than that, school was pretty average today. I hung out with Jared at lunchtime, and later Kristin caught up with us as well. Before she did, though, Jared and I went to talk to a guy who we saw sitting by himself at a table. We tried to be friendly, asking him what his name was, but he really didn’t seem too responsive. He wanted to eat in silence, so we left him alone. The rest of lunch was spent wandering around the hallways, because lunchtime is always so boring and bland. I guess that’s really all to say about today. I went out after school to Wal-Mart to buy a hoodie and another collared shirt. Wal-Mart is my favourite place to shop, because it has a little bit of everything, and has fairly decent prices. Of course, they have crappy brands of clothing, but it’s not like I really care too much when I can get a hoodie that keeps me warm for $30, instead of an $80 one just because it has a logo on it. The collared shirt was basically for church, when I have to play up on stage – we can’t wear t-shirts with logos on them. It was $5, and it looks decent. At least it won’t look like I just rolled out of bed (even if I did).

I think that’s pretty much all I have to say for today. Tonight I have to work, doing marquee once again. Eric is the only other person there who will get up on the ladders to change the signs, but since his other job moved him to Thursday shifts, the job is basically up to me now. Oh well, I don’t really care. It’s an easy shift, and since they legally have to call me in and pay me for a minimum of three hours, I can just leave whenever I’m done and still get paid for an extra half hour to an hour. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I must say. But that’s basically why I needed to buy the hoodie – it gets pretty cold outside sometimes when changing the sign out on the street. I’m sure it’ll be fun in the winter, when I’ll have to find a good spot on a big snowpile to plant the ladder, and go up onto it to change the sign – without gloves, of course, since I’ll have to handle the letters to get them on. Yes, it should be interesting, at the very least. But that’s something to worry about when I get to it, so I’ll just handle it one day at a time. And now that I can’t find an appropriate way to end this entry, let me say one final word: Word.

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