Problems and Power

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I’m frustrated. I’ve been working on my stupid ball launcher project for Physics for the past hour and a half, and have determined that the entire thing is just a waste of time, and there is no conceivable way of making this work without completely starting from scratch once again. Everything I do has a problem connected with it, and when I come up with a solution to fix that problem, another problem comes up with the new solution, starting a whole chain reaction that leads inevitably to frustration. And so here I sit, frustrated. I’m sick of doing these stupid projects that turn Physics class into Arts and Crafts or something. I didn’t sign up for this course to learn how to create pointless little things that shoot rubber balls.

But anyways, I’ll tackle that later. Last night was pretty fun. I was the closing usher, and since we had an 18A movie (Doom) in theatres, we had to keep a close eye on kids trying to sneak in. I saw a couple guys run in, so I followed right behind them and asked to see their tickets. They said, “Uh, we don’t have them,” and I replied, “Well then you shouldn’t even be here at all.” I knew they were lying, and they knew that I knew it, so they started protesting that we should just give them a break. They were around my age, although obviously under 18, but there was no way that I was going to let them get away with this. For one thing, I had already mentioned to someone else that I had seen them sneak in before I had gone into the theatre, so if I had come out with no one else, then they would wonder why. The other reason is that on my three-month review sheet, one of the things they had mentioned was that I hadn’t really used my “power” when dealing with customers doing things they shouldn’t. I hadn’t really had much of a situation like that before now, but this was my chance to prove myself, and I wasn’t going to disappoint. So I asked what movie they had bought tickets for, and they said Wallace and Gromit, and I mentioned that they could either go to see that one or get a refund. They obviously didn’t want to go see Wallace and Gromit, so they went out to the box office and were refunded. I felt powerful. I think I should kick out customers more often.

The rest of the night was fairly usual, but since it was semi-busy, I appreciated the fact that I wasn’t too bored for most of the night. I saw a whole bunch of people I knew, including Kristin, Angelie, Michelle, and Kristy going to see Elizabethtown, and Dave and Natalie going to see North Country. That sort of ruins my plans for tonight – I had planned to get people together to go see Flight Plan after I get off work tonight, but I doubt people will want to go see another movie. I’ll have to think of some alternate plans I guess. I just don’t want to waste away my whole weekend working. But anyways, that’s about all there is to say for today, so I guess I’ll leave it until tomorrow. Until then, this is Jeff, signing out. Good night, Los Angeles.

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