Physics, Prizes, and Popcorn

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I suppose I likely should have posted something yesterday, but any “free time” I had was sucked up doing my Physics project. In the morning, I headed over to Central, since Jeff, Dave, and Kristy were all getting baptized. I sat in on Josh’s Sunday school lesson and heard a very thought-provoking lesson on God’s holiness. After that was the service, and although in some aspects it was similar to my own church’s services, in other ways it was much different. In our church, we basically have sort of a block of time devoted to singing – sometimes it’s broken up by announcements or something, but the order of the service is basically singing, and then preaching. The service at Central, on the other hand, went back and forth several times. Although the singing still came first and the preaching still came second, there was no real block of time devoted to just singing. We would sing a hymn, and then the pastor would give an announcement or two, and then perhaps there would be another hymn before someone else came up and spoke for a few minutes. It wasn’t disorderly in any sense, but there certainly was variety. It was certainly interesting.

Anyways, once the service was over, I came home, had lunch, and then basically the rest of the afternoon was devoted to building my ball launcher for Physics. If there’s one class I really can’t stand, it’s Physics. It’s not the actual class that bugs me, but rather all the annoying homework assignments that the teacher randomly assigns. There is always a building project on the go, and then on top of that, there is always a sheet of questions that outlines everything we need to know for the tests and exams. It’s not mandatory to do it, but if you don’t, there’s really not much chance of passing. So no matter what, there’s always Physics stuff to do. He moves along with such great speed that I could probably do two or three hours of Physics homework every night and be right on schedule. Of course, that’s slightly reduced by the fact that we do get classtime to work on stuff, and the obvious fact that I can’t do that much homework every night because of my work schedule. But whatever. I’m still certainly on the high end of the top half of the class, and if it weren’t for these stupid projects that tax my creative abilities, I could probably be doing even better. I honestly wish that the whole course was just theory. If that were the case, I’d be doing less thinking than I am right now. I wouldn’t have to figure out how to build mousetrap cars or straw towers or ball launchers, and my marks would be going through the roof. Who needs practical applications anyways?

But whatever. My rant is over. At 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, there was a practice for the upcoming service that night. We, as usual, didn’t get started until about 45 minutes later, but we still practiced all the songs over quite well and were fairly prepared. It was a pretty fun time, if not depressing due to the small turnout. I think everyone’s used to it by now, though, and to look at it in a positive light, there were a few new people there, which was good. Kyle had a few games to play, and one of them involved two teams of two people each. One person sat on a chair – that was me – and the other person, Jordan in this case, had to put on an oven mitt and then grab Honeycomb cereal out of a bowl and throw it to me. I had to try to catch it in my mouth. The other team consisted of Kristen and Caitlin, and they won. I don’t take any responsibility for the loss, because Jordan couldn’t throw the cereal in the right direction. Then again, with an oven mitt on, I don’t blame him either. We still got consolation prizes, though, and they were those cool foldable frisbees that you twist and then let go so they pop open. Sweet!

After the service, we went out to Wendy’s, and then over to Williams. Why both? Well, a few of us wanted food, but other people were going straight to Williams or something, so we met up with them. Anyways, most of the rest of the night was spent playing with my frisbee, and throwing it at people so it would pop open and freak them out. It was great fun.

But yeah, that was last night. There’s not much to say about today, because it was a school day, and, as usual, nothing cool happened. I guess one thing to say would be happy birthday to Steph, since she’s turning a whole 17 years old today. She tried to convince Jon and I to come visit her at lunchtime today, but we didn’t end up going. I didn’t see Jon until about halfway through lunch, and he said he had looked for me to tell me we weren’t going, just in case I was wondering. Whatever. We’re apparently going tomorrow, so I guess that’ll have to do. But anyways, I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll just start to wrap up here. I’m working 9-12 tonight, so it should be easy but boring at the same time. It’s one of the eating shifts, though, where I get to clean the popcorn machine and hot dog warmers and have all the popcorn and hot dogs I can eat (and are available). But blah blah blah, nothing else interesting is happening, so I’ll shut up now. Ciao.

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