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Plans and Problems

Last night was, well, interesting to say the least. In order to ensure that my entire weekend wasn’t a waste – working both Friday and Saturday nights – I planned to hang out with a few people at Williams after I got off work at 9:15. I talked to Angelie, and she was up for it, and talked to Kristin as well, who said she was fine with anything. Erica called soon after, and I told her what we were doing, and then I called Melissa to tell her, but she wasn’t home, so I asked her mom to tell her to call Erica when she got home. I figured that there was no point in having her call me, since I would be at work, and since I had told Erica the plans, I thought for sure that things would work out great. I thought wrong.

As it turns out, for some reason Erica ended up not being able to come. Melissa went and called her when she got home, and so Erica told her something about Williams. Apparently Melissa then asked if those plans were on for sure, since she had talked with people about having them come over to her house. Erica said that she didn’t think anyone was going, or something like that, and so Melissa went ahead and told people to come over to watch a movie. This was all done while I was at work. Melissa then called my house and left a message…Continue Reading

Problems and Power

I’m frustrated. I’ve been working on my stupid ball launcher project for Physics for the past hour and a half, and have determined that the entire thing is just a waste of time, and there is no conceivable way of making this work without completely starting from scratch once again. Everything I do has a problem connected with it, and when I come up with a solution to fix that problem, another problem comes up with the new solution, starting a whole chain reaction that leads inevitably to frustration. And so here I sit, frustrated. I’m sick of doing these stupid projects that turn Physics class into Arts and Crafts or something. I didn’t sign up for this course to learn how to create pointless little things that shoot rubber balls.

But anyways, I’ll tackle that later. Last night was pretty fun. I was the closing usher, and since we had an 18A movie (Doom) in theatres, we had to keep a close eye on kids trying to sneak in. I saw a couple guys run in, so I followed right behind them and asked to see their tickets. They said, “Uh, we don’t have them,” and I replied, “Well then you shouldn’t even be here at all.” I knew they were lying, and they knew that I knew it, so they started protesting that we should just give them a break. They were around my age, although obviously under 18, but there was no way that I was going…Continue Reading

Marquee Madness

Well, last night was truly a series of unfortunate events. (That’s also a movie title. See? I’m so good at drawing parallels, since I was working at a movie theatre last night.) Everything seemed to go wrong, and so I shall attempt to explain last night to the best of my ability.

Basically, on a marquee shift, there are three main responsibilities: changing upcoming movie posters, changing the signs outside by the street and outside the theatre entrance, and changing the movie posters of the movies that are playing. Of these three responsibilities, at least one thing went wrong in each of them. To start off, things were going wonderfully. Our theatre got Doom and North Country, and someone had already gone and taken down those posters from the “Coming Soon” section and put them on the box office counter for me. There was also a Cheaper By the Dozen 2 poster rolled up, laying on the table, which I assumed was for me to put into one of the empty movie cases, and another poster in a standing case that goes in the centre of the lobby area. Since we have two movies playing at different times in one theatre, what is normally done is to put one of the posters in the “Now Playing” case, and the other in a standing case right in front of it. So I took the poster that was in the standing case and inserted it into the empty “Coming Soon” case. I…Continue Reading

Odd Occurrences

I think it’s safe to say that my life is getting less and less interesting as time goes on. Or perhaps it’s better to say that the interesting aspect of my life seems to work in cycles, peaking during the summer and then getting successively lower and lower after that until the following summer. I mean, how interesting can your life be with six hours of school each day, then a job or homework after that? Last night I worked, and it was pretty boring. The highlight was when I got a phone call. That quickly diminished into monotony, however, when I found out who it was from. Graham called in and asked for the usher that was there – which happened to be me. Basically, he was asking if I could cover his shift for him on Friday. I didn’t really want to do that, but I ended up switching with him for my Monday shift – that ended up being even better when I realized that doing so would allow me to go to worship practice on Monday night. That made me happy once again, even though it meant having to work on Friday. And that Friday shift means working four days in a row – last night, tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night. Oh well. Despite that, my hours are actually quite nice, and I should have plenty of time to still have an active social life. Now all I have to do is get one.

Today…Continue Reading

Marks, Movies, and Muffins

There isn’t too much to say today at all. The most exciting part of today was the fact that we had shortened classes. That wasn’t too amazing, though – it meant that I had to get up half an hour earlier than usual, since I normally come in for second period, and first period was shortened. Whatever, though. It was a fairly good day, though monotonous as usual. I found out that right now I’m sitting on a 95% average in Chemistry and a 93% in Physics, and Mr. H told me that he likes to mark my tests first, because they’re easy to mark, and he can double-check to make sure he got the right answers. I thought that was pretty funny, but if it works for him, I’m sure not going to tell him to do otherwise. I know I generally do well in school, and people often rely at least partially on me to help them through. I’m glad to do it – because God didn’t bless me with academic intelligence for my own personal gain. He gives us gifts to bless others. I, on the other hand, probably couldn’t cook anything past Kraft Dinner to save my life, and there are many people out there that excel over me in that area. It’s just that I get marks, and they get food, that’s all.

Last night was sort of interesting as well. Actually, I wouldn’t label it as “interesting” so much as “frustrating and slightly embarrassing.”…Continue Reading

Everybody’s Got a Water Buffalo

Last night was fairly uninteresting, except for a few events which broke the monotony. As I stated in the previous blog entry, I was working last night. For most of the night, my throat was hurting, I think because I was breathing through my mouth for some reason. I forget. Anyways, that meant that I was trying to talk as little as possible. At one point, Sarah – who was working on concession that night – had the fridge open and was putting in some drinks. Carla, the general manager of the theatre, was walking by, and accidentally nudged the door with her shoulder, causing it to hit Sarah in the back as she put in drinks. I happened to be walking by at the time, and being the nice guy that I am, I opened it for her, pushing the door so that it would reach the point where it would stay open. Unfortunately, I was also sort of clumsy last night – more clumsy than usual, that is – and the door ended up going too far, too fast, and came back and hit Sarah in the back again. She turned around and surprisingly asked, “Did you hit me on purpose?” What I wanted to do was explain the entire situation and how I had just pushed it too far, but because my throat hurt, I just said, “No,” adding, “Seriously,” after a slight hesitation. At that point, I realized that what I had just said made it…Continue Reading

Physics, Prizes, and Popcorn

I suppose I likely should have posted something yesterday, but any “free time” I had was sucked up doing my Physics project. In the morning, I headed over to Central, since Jeff, Dave, and Kristy were all getting baptized. I sat in on Josh’s Sunday school lesson and heard a very thought-provoking lesson on God’s holiness. After that was the service, and although in some aspects it was similar to my own church’s services, in other ways it was much different. In our church, we basically have sort of a block of time devoted to singing – sometimes it’s broken up by announcements or something, but the order of the service is basically singing, and then preaching. The service at Central, on the other hand, went back and forth several times. Although the singing still came first and the preaching still came second, there was no real block of time devoted to just singing. We would sing a hymn, and then the pastor would give an announcement or two, and then perhaps there would be another hymn before someone else came up and spoke for a few minutes. It wasn’t disorderly in any sense, but there certainly was variety. It was certainly interesting.

Anyways, once the service was over, I came home, had lunch, and then basically the rest of the afternoon was devoted to building my ball launcher for Physics. If there’s one class I really can’t stand, it’s Physics. It’s not the actual class that bugs me, but…Continue Reading