Odd Occurrences

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I think it’s safe to say that my life is getting less and less interesting as time goes on. Or perhaps it’s better to say that the interesting aspect of my life seems to work in cycles, peaking during the summer and then getting successively lower and lower after that until the following summer. I mean, how interesting can your life be with six hours of school each day, then a job or homework after that? Last night I worked, and it was pretty boring. The highlight was when I got a phone call. That quickly diminished into monotony, however, when I found out who it was from. Graham called in and asked for the usher that was there – which happened to be me. Basically, he was asking if I could cover his shift for him on Friday. I didn’t really want to do that, but I ended up switching with him for my Monday shift – that ended up being even better when I realized that doing so would allow me to go to worship practice on Monday night. That made me happy once again, even though it meant having to work on Friday. And that Friday shift means working four days in a row – last night, tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night. Oh well. Despite that, my hours are actually quite nice, and I should have plenty of time to still have an active social life. Now all I have to do is get one.

Today was quite a strange day. There were several events which just stuck out as odd. To begin with, this morning, as I was waiting for the bus, two quotes just popped into my head. These aren’t quotes that someone else came up with, but just little sayings that I thought up. The first one was, “Great men have determined that the existence of God is implausible. However, I have found that existence without God is impossible.” I thought that was pretty cool, with the little bit of wordplay going on and everything. But as I let that sink into your fine little noggin, here’s the other one: “If we pick up our cross and follow Him, He will give us the strength to carry it.” I thought that was quite nifty as well. I’m not quite sure why those things just came into my head, but they did, and so I shared them on here. I need to write a book someday and put those in there so that it can get published and then get on those cool websites with quotations and such. I’d be famous! Well, in my own mind, anyways.

As for the rest of the day, it was just a little on the strange side – as previously mentioned. I’m not sure why exactly it was strange, but overal it was just a sense of something different. People kept talking to me and everything. I’m not sure whether it was something different with me or whether everyone was suddenly just in a good mood today, or what. During first period, I was walking to my locker and saw Ann, and she said hi to me. Nothing was too strange about that, since she’s said hello to me before – since her locker is near mine – but this time she asked how I was doing and such. I mean, that’s still not too strange, so whatever. Then, in Chemistry class, we were doing a lab, and I was partners with Mike. We were joking around and stuff, and then Paige and Angie sort of joined in. I guess at that point, it was something different about me, because I actually loosened up a bit and joked around with them – by joking around, I mean insulted them jokingly. It’s my specialty, and they knew I was joking, but it was weird. I guess I’ve just been too uptight before now, and have seen all the people as one big overload, instead of getting to know at least a few people. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I’ll move on.

At lunchtime, it was a little strange as well. I was sitting at a table with some people, including Geoff and Kristin. Geoff was making strange faces to some people behind me. I didn’t turn around to look, but I figured they were girls (which they were). A bit later on, Geoff told me that they wanted me to turn around or whatever. I turned, and they commented about how they had never seen me before. They asked about what grade I was in, and I explained about the whole second year of Grade 12 situation, and they were surprised that I had been there all that time and they had never seen me. Then I added that it was my first year here, so that explained it for them. But that struck me as very odd. I’ve sat at that table or one closeby for lunch almost every day this year, and they’ve never seen me. And just today, they noticed me and wondered who I was. I mean, if they weren’t usually in the cafeteria for lunch or something, it might explain it, but obviously if they were asking who I was, they didn’t think it was because they went someplace different for lunch and happened to see me. I think I made that more confusing than it really was, but let’s just say that by the looks of confusion on their faces, I think that they thought I had fallen through the roof of the school from a distant galaxy or something. They honestly didn’t expect to see a new kid or something.

To continue on my story, I talked a bit to the Hearts players at the table I was sitting at for lunch. One of them was Kristin, so it wasn’t too amazing or anything, but I was talking to another one of the girls there, and trying to understand how the game was played. Continuing on through the day, Geometry class was pretty normal, and then Physics class was, again, spent in conversation. The people who sit at my table, Kyothe (I’m not sure if that’s quite the correct spelling, but it’s pronounced Kathy) and Chris, decided to strike up conversation with me. It wasn’t totally unexpected, since I’ve talked a bit with them before, but during those times it was mostly just about Phsyics problems. Today I talked about the school I had gone to before, and stuff like what kind of car I had – since I’m older than they are, I have my G2 and they don’t, so I’m cooler, obviously. I was just a bit surprised. You’d think that they had just suddenly noticed that there was someone sitting across the table from them or something. It was odd. Very odd.

To sum it all up, one final occurrence happened. This one was quite uncomfortable more than anything. Every day, after school, all the people that take the bus home gather at the bus stop. When the bus finally arrives, there’s a mad scramble to get onto the bus first and get the good seats. It’s just a crowd of people right in front of the door squishing and contorting to try and get on, and if you’re in the middle of the pack, you can prepare to be jostled and squeezed to no end. Today, I was somewhat in the middle of that pack, and the guy behind me was a bit strange. I suddenly felt someone leaning on my shoulder, and I glanced back quickly and saw this guy. After about ten seconds or so, he started drumming on my shoulder with his hands. I put up with it for a little bit, then turned around and jokingly said, “What am I now, a drum or something?” He just said, “Oh, sorry man, you were just there, so I started drumming.” He did it again for a couple more seconds, and then I got onto the bus. It was just strange, though. Normally, I have my music playing, and no one talks to me, and I talk to no one. They all have their little friends that they talk to, and I have my music that I listen to. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves or keeps to their groups, and so it was a little unnerving to have this guy drumming on my shoulder all of a sudden. I had the fleeting thought for a moment that this guy was trying to distract me so that he could pickpocket me or something. After all, it’s easy to do in a crowd, where everyone’s bumping into each other. But just the fact that he was doing that was odd.

So I guess the one word that adequately describes today in the greatest detail is odd. Strange. Abnormal. Peculiar. Unusual. People looked at me like I was from outer space or something, and although it was a little uncomfortable, the fact that they were giving me any attention at all in a school of that size was just uncommon and yet refreshing. Before I start expecting that as the norm, though, I guess I should see what tomorrow holds. Life’s always an adventure when you make it one. But whatever. I’ll leave you with that inspiring thought and get on with what I need to do. It’s another fun-filled marquee shift tonight, where I get to go up on the ladder and change movie titles in the cold. As strange as it seems, I love these shifts. It’s like an adrenaline rush when you look down and realize how high up you are – I make sure to do it at least once every shift. But anyways, that’s all for today folks! Now go away.

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