Marquee Marvels

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Well, last night was pretty interesting. I worked from 8:30-11:30, and during that time I learned how to do one of the most pointless jobs ever. I was being trained on marquee, and basically all that’s involved is changing the sign out on the street, changing the sign outside the theatre in the mall, and changing posters. It’s really easy once you know what to do, but it’s just kind of pointless.

Basically what we did was get the new posters and stick the appropriate labels on them – like their rating and “Now Playing” and stuff. This is done using rubber cement – which, might I add, is a pretty cool substance. Then we went upstairs and got the letters that we needed to change the sign, and put them in a box. Our next task was to go outside and hunt down a shopping cart. Why, you might ask? Well, because Eric – the person training me – is pretty lazy, he puts the big ladder that we use on top of the shopping cart. Actually, it really does make it a lot easier rather than carrying it around everywhere and trying to open doors and such. But anyways, we caught a Wal-mart guy collecting carts out in the parking lot, so we got him to give us one. We loaded up the ladder, and then went outside to the big sign out at the street. It doesn’t really seem that high when you’re on the ground, but let me just say that I would not want to do this on a windy day.

But whatever. We each did one side of the sign, and that was that. Then we went back inside and changed the sign outside of the theatre. That was easier, although it was more annoying because I had to keep moving the ladder back and forth, since we had movies switching theatres. Then it was just a matter of taking the ladder back inside and putting it away, then putting up the new posters and switching them around to the appropriate theaters. That was it. We were done by about 10:50 PM – basically the reason I was called in for three hours is because that’s the minimum time that they’re legally allowed to call me in for. So basically I get three hours of pay for two or two-and-a-half hours of work. It’s great. But yeah, as I said, it’s pointless.

Anyways, with that said, I think I’m done for today. I have to work again tonight, from 6-9:15, which should be an equally as pointless shift since all I have to do is rip tickets and clean theatres. I’m not quite sure why, but I sort of like closing better – that way at least I get to clean out the popcorn machine, and eat as much popcorn as I want along the way. On top of that, I get hot dogs at the end of the night, which are so amazingly good. I think that’s my favourite part about this job – the free food. But whatever. That’s about all I have to say. Boring blog entry. I’ll have to try again another day.

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