Marks, Movies, and Muffins

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There isn’t too much to say today at all. The most exciting part of today was the fact that we had shortened classes. That wasn’t too amazing, though – it meant that I had to get up half an hour earlier than usual, since I normally come in for second period, and first period was shortened. Whatever, though. It was a fairly good day, though monotonous as usual. I found out that right now I’m sitting on a 95% average in Chemistry and a 93% in Physics, and Mr. H told me that he likes to mark my tests first, because they’re easy to mark, and he can double-check to make sure he got the right answers. I thought that was pretty funny, but if it works for him, I’m sure not going to tell him to do otherwise. I know I generally do well in school, and people often rely at least partially on me to help them through. I’m glad to do it – because God didn’t bless me with academic intelligence for my own personal gain. He gives us gifts to bless others. I, on the other hand, probably couldn’t cook anything past Kraft Dinner to save my life, and there are many people out there that excel over me in that area. It’s just that I get marks, and they get food, that’s all.

Last night was sort of interesting as well. Actually, I wouldn’t label it as “interesting” so much as “frustrating and slightly embarrassing.” Angelie told me about the Drive-in Movie thing that North Park was putting on, and since I’m never at school for the announcements, I hadn’t heard anything about it. She said she was going to be there, and so I told her that I might be there, and to look for me. That was fine with her, so I drove over to be there for about 7:00 PM. I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere, or anyone else that I knew, for that matter. Wandering around a little bit, I continued to look for her, since it was fairly dark, and I thought that I might have missed seeing her. I hoped that she was looking for me as well since I had told her to, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I waited around for about fifteen minutes, looking at all the people walking in. A couple girls said hello to me and asked me what grade I was in and such. I told one of them that I was in Grade 12, and she said, “Wow, seriously? You’re so short!” She then proceeded to go around and tell all her friends that I was in Grade 12. Yeah, thanks. I realize I’m not even six feet tall, but you don’t have to rub it in. Anyways, that kind of shocked me, since most of the time people are so involved in their little cliques that they don’t even bother to introduce themselves to anyone else. I tried to be friendly to them, but I think they were in Grade 9 or 10, so it was a little hard to say too much in the way of a meaningful discussion when they were running around giggling with their little friends and such. Meh.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting outside in the cold for Angelie to show up, I finally gave up the search. The one girl I had talked to said something like, “I think your friends ditched you” – since I had told her that I was waiting for my friends to come – and I agreed with her. If Angelie was there, we obviously couldn’t see each other, and if she was late (as usual), I wasn’t going to wait around forever for her, especially when I didn’t even want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, the movie playing. I had decided to go because I wanted to hang out with someone instead of sitting at home doing nothing, but I had more important things to do if my friends couldn’t even show up on time. So, I headed back to my car, and drove over to Tim Hortons. I didn’t care too much about rushing home or anything, since my parents weren’t expecting me back for at least a couple of hours, so I waited in line, got a coffee and muffin, and then drove home. I explained to my parents what happened, and then went downstairs and had a nice time relaxing, drinking my coffee, and eating my chocolate chip muffin.

That was basically the interesting part of the night. The rest was spent doing some different things that I needed to do, such as hanging up my Red Eye poster, working on some Chemistry homework, and other such things that weren’t really urgent, but needed to be done at some point. Melissa also called, so I talked to her for about an hour or so, and we determined after much debate that I was smarter than her. I still don’t think she agrees, but my average last year was higher than hers, so that settles it. I forget what I did after the phone call, but I figure it was probably something pretty useless, so I won’t bother too hard to think about what it might have been. But yeah. That was last night almost in its entirety, and so I must end this off here, because I’m running out of things to say. I work tonight from 6-12, and it should be boring, and then tomorrow is another fun-filled marquee shift. Blah blah blah. You know the conversation (or in this case, the monologue) is going downhill when all you can think of to talk about is your part-time job. That sort of thing usually ends off a declining conversation, and it does in this case also, because this is the last sentence I am writing for today.

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