Fabulous Fun and Food

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Well, I didn’t write anything yesterday, but that’s okay, because it was my birthday yesterday and I had better things to do – like play my new electric guitar. But this weekend was fairly interesting. It was basically non-stop, so it didn’t really give me too much of a chance to relax. Friday night, of course, was the surprise party. Saturday I went with my parents to get my guitar and then worked from 5:45-12 (I worked a double shift to cover for someone else). My parents and I also went out for lunch to the Country Grill to celebrate both my mom’s and my birthday. Sunday I got up early for worship practice, and then after the service, Lana came over so I could help her with her math. The only problem was that this was college-level math, dealing with some business terms that I had never heard of. I still figured it out, though, and helped her out a bit. After that, I played my guitar, and then went to Life Groups in the evening. We had some cake in honour of my birthday, and then afterwards we went to Justine’s house and hung out there for a bit.

To summarize the weekend, it was a lot of fun, and a lot of food. Since those are pretty much the two best things in life, it was a pretty sweet weekend. I need to have a birthday more often. The weekend, though, was sharply contrasted with today – a school day. I mean, I guess I still had some fun. In Physics class, we had our straw tower project competition. Jon and my tower held the 500 grams that it needed to for full marks, but no more. The best tower held 3000 grams – it was pretty amazing. Then again, the guy that built it used larger straws instead of the regular drinking straws that everyone else used. Oh well.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. My fingers hurt from playing guitar, but that doesn’t mean that after I write this blog, I’m not going to go straight to the guitar and play it. No way. I’ve been addicted to it ever since I got it, and I’m looking forward to playing it until I have to go to work. Right now I’m basically just learning worship songs. It’s easy to find the chords for them, and they’re usually not too hard unless they use a lot of weird chords or something. I’m basically working on learning how to switch between the chords quickly, but of course, that takes practice. But enough said. I have a date with my guitar that I need to attend.

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