Exhaustion Fumes

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I’m wishing for just one day where I can do absolutely nothing. That would be my first wish if I ever got one of those genie lamps. I just need a break so badly, because there’s just so much stuff going on that I need to remember right now. It’s too much for my puny brain to handle, and although I think I’m finally starting to get it under control, I’m still just a bit on edge. These times after school and before supper are almost always the only time I have to myself – there’s no one else in the house, and it’s a time for me to relax, sit back, and try to keep from hyperventilating or overheating or something.

But enough about that. Last night was devoted completely to my ball launcher project until 9:00 PM, when I had to go to work. I actually made some progress on my ball launcher – I got the ball to shoot out of the tube. Of course, all it did was fall out and drop on the floor, but it was still progress. I’ve had to modify my plans somewhat, but this new design appears to be the most promising. All I have to do now is basically find a base of some kind, and then find a way to attach everything to that base – and then it should be time for testing. But anyways, work last night was alright. I got angry near the end, just because Pam on concession decided to be nice and clean the hot dog warmer for me. It’s supposed to be the closing usher’s job to do that, and so I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into one of those hot dogs that would have to be thrown out anyways – but no. She went ahead while I was away checking theatres, and then threw all the hot dogs out and cleaned the machine. I was mad, but what could I do? I couldn’t get angry at her for being nice and going out of her way to help me out. So I sat there grumbling for a bit until my stomach stopped doing the same, and then got over it. I guess I’m just going to have to grab one of the hot dogs earlier on and wrap it in paper towel so that one is reserved in case the concession people get itchy to do other people’s jobs.

Today was pretty boring, and so there’s not much to say. I had a Geometry test today, and it wasn’t all that hard, just a lot of using the sine and cosine laws and drawing some pretty diagrams. One of the questions was about a soccer field, so I went and drew the entire soccer field, along with all the lines and such – even though all I really needed were two points at either end, on the centre of the goal line. But whatever. I guess I was just feeling creative, and besides, overkill is fun!

Speaking of overkill, I might be killed by overworking myself tonight. I agreed to play at Bethel tonight, and then I have the leadership meeting as well. I told Kyle that I might be late, but that I’d be there as soon as possible. Basically, I was planning to just sneak out of the service when I needed to, but then I remembered that my bass would be up on stage, making it impossible for me to leave until the service is over. Unless I’m going to just pack up my bass and amp right after worship is over, or sneak up behind the speaker and pack it up or something, there’s really no way for me to get away to be at the meeting on time. Hopefully it’ll be a short service – however, I really don’t know whether it will be or not, since I’ve never been there before to know. But oh well. Things just will go the way they will go, and I’ll do my best to be in two places at once.

I guess that’s all I really have to say for today. Right now I’d just like to sleep, but I can’t really do that, so there’s no real point in dwelling on that. Sleep is unnecessary for a machine like me, right? I can work for fifty-seven hours without recharging, and I’d like to be as efficient as possible. Of course, that means that I’ll need lots of fuel (coffee) and some raw materials (lots of food). Yes, it certainly is good to be an insomniac. It’s so much easier when you just forget about that needless sleep and overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion. It’s what life is all about, right? Can’t miss a second of it…

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