Everybody’s Got a Water Buffalo

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Last night was fairly uninteresting, except for a few events which broke the monotony. As I stated in the previous blog entry, I was working last night. For most of the night, my throat was hurting, I think because I was breathing through my mouth for some reason. I forget. Anyways, that meant that I was trying to talk as little as possible. At one point, Sarah – who was working on concession that night – had the fridge open and was putting in some drinks. Carla, the general manager of the theatre, was walking by, and accidentally nudged the door with her shoulder, causing it to hit Sarah in the back as she put in drinks. I happened to be walking by at the time, and being the nice guy that I am, I opened it for her, pushing the door so that it would reach the point where it would stay open. Unfortunately, I was also sort of clumsy last night – more clumsy than usual, that is – and the door ended up going too far, too fast, and came back and hit Sarah in the back again. She turned around and surprisingly asked, “Did you hit me on purpose?” What I wanted to do was explain the entire situation and how I had just pushed it too far, but because my throat hurt, I just said, “No,” adding, “Seriously,” after a slight hesitation. At that point, I realized that what I had just said made it sound even more suspicious, like I was lying and actually had tried to get it to hit her. So I kind of staggered off, still wondering how my best intentions turned out to make me look like a fool.

The second event that happened last night was much better of a situation. It really is an epic tale; a tale of mystery and intrigue. Now, to start it off, let me explain that at Cineplex, we have these draws for movie posters after the movie has come and gone in the theatre. We write down on a sheet what posters we want, and then they pick out one winner randomly and they get the poster. Now, it just so happens that a couple weeks ago, I won the Red Eye poster. Carla came up to me and handed me the poster, and since I was sweeping the concession floor at the time, I set it down in the corner so that I’d be sure to remember it. I didn’t want anyone walking off with it, but I needed to put it in a place where I’d be sure to see it. Now, being the idiot that I am, I completely forgot about the poster. I worked again the next day, and the poster was nowhere to be seen – disappointed, I figured that the cleaning staff had done their job and cleaned it up. I wasn’t really all that sad, though, considering that I never even saw the movie. So anyways, fast-forward to last night. Shannon came out of the office and handed me a poster, saying that it had my name on it. I looked at the elastic holding a piece of paper, wrapped around the poster. It certainly did have my name on it. And it also said, “Red Eye.” Stunned, I tried to recover from the shock. Here was a poster I had searched for and discounted it as lost, and it magically reappeared! It was truly amazing. Anyways, this time I put it in a more visible place, and it actually made it home.

I guess now that I recollect these two events, they really weren’t all that spectacular. However, in a night of mediocrity and monotony, these two slightly less mundane events stuck out like giraffes in a herd of water buffalo. Why water buffalo? Well, they never seemed all that interesting to me anyways. So that was last night. Today was only slightly less boring, with a trip to BCC at lunch. I always feel so cool going there. After all, I don’t have to wear a uniform, and I’m also a graduate coming back. I’m alumni! I make sure to rub it in as well, asking people what they’re doing in certain classes and then saying, “Oh, that’s easy. Easy fa-sheezy.” Yeah. I’m cool.

But I think that’s all there is to say today. As always, I have Physics homework, which I will debate doing in my head for approximately half an hour before finally deciding that I have nothing better to do and finishing up the rest of the unit ahead of schedule. Honestly, not to sound like a snob or anything like that, but this stuff is so easy I could do it in my sleep. It’s Grade 11 stuff, and if it weren’t for my lack of motivation to do the simple problems that are far beneath me, as well as the fact that I can’t always do homework every night because of work, I would have no problem keeping up with the fast pace at which Mr. H is going through this unit. It’s basically the work that’s slowing me down – I get the theory, and can apply it quite easily. But here I go rambling again, so I’ll just stop talking. Besides, I have a Red Eye poster to hang up on my wall.

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