Drama and Tree Roots and Walnuts – Oh My!

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

There’s so much to talk about today, and so little time. Where shall I ever begin? I suppose the best place would be to start at last night. I went out with my parents to Paullo’s restaurant for their anniversary. It was a pretty nice place, although not busy at all – it still took a long time to get our food, though. Oh well. Afterwards, I called up the Staats’ house and found out that people were over there. I figured that something was going on considering that I knew Josh and Zeth were coming home sometime that day. So I headed over there and had a nice time. Dave and I had to go pick up Melissa after she got off work, and then we hung out there at the house for a while. Mrs. Staats made a whole ton of popcorn and put it in this massive bowl. This thing was huge. I’m pretty sure that all the popcorn in there could have fed an army. But anyways, I think we ate most of it by the end of the night.

After a while, people sort of started breaking off. There was some talk of going to the park and such, so some people went there, and some didn’t. Zeth went off walking by himself, Jeff and Dave went to do something I think, and I was stuck with a bunch of girls, walking to the park. Jeez, I’m such a ladies’ man, let me tell you. Anyways, we didn’t really do much at the park. Bethany and I raced up the hill there. I won, and then I jumped over the long grass and went back down the hill – since there’s really not all that much to do on top of a hill. Bethany threw her sandals down and then ran down after me. Near the end, though, she tried stopping, and ended up skidding on the wet grass. She had a good five foot skid or something; I was quite impressed. But that was pretty much the highlight of the park experience. We walked back to the house and hung out outside for a while. Some people started getting kind of worried about Zeth, since he still wasn’t back, and so Jeff and Dave went to look for him in Jeff’s car. Josh and Becca also went for a while to look. Everyone was pretty dramatic, actually. I found it rather funny. Zeth and Josh got back from university, and brought all their drama along with them, I guess. I try to just stay away from that sort of thing.

Anyways, to make a long story short, it was a fun time, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Most of the time was just spent sitting and talking, which altogether isn’t a bad thing. I rather enjoyed the night, and it was good to see Josh and Zeth once again. Other than that, there’s not much to report, so I guess I’ll start on today’s story.

I woke up at about 8:15 AM, and got dressed and stuff to be over at Josh’s house for 9:30 AM. Then the guys in the small group got into the van, and headed off to people’s houses. There were seven of us altogether, although throughout the day, several left; Jeff had to go to work, and others had to be home at certain times and such. But anyways, we went out to serve other people, and serve we did. At the first house we went to, we had the task of pulling out a few stumps from bushes. This old man, Mr. Jacobs, had already gone ahead and pulled one out, because, as he later said, he didn’t think we were going to show up. Oh ye of little faith. Seven of us pulled into his driveway, armed with shovels and axes, and we got to work yanking those tree stumps out like there was no tomorrow. We dug around them, hacked at some roots, and eventually got the other two out. Then we filled the hole back in again and raked it over, smoothing out the dirt. He was so pleased, and he couldn’t stop thanking us. He brought out some donuts and pop for us, and we prayed for him and talked with him a while. It was mostly a one-sided conversation. I find that old people like to talk a lot, but I suppose that’s because they have so much to talk about. Eventually he finished, and we headed on our way.

The second house was the house of a widow at Central. She had a list of things that needed to be done, and so we tackled them with full force. I swept out the garage, Mike and Caleb broke twigs and branches to put them into garbage bags, Jeff vacuumed the inside of her car and then I helped him wash the outside. As well, Tim swept the front and back steps, and Josh and Dave raked the front and back lawns. It was a huge task, but with seven people, we handled it more than adequately. She thanked us, and we were on our way. The third house we went to, the person had forgotten all about us coming, but there wasn’t much to do anyways. He had expected that there would be a lot of leaves, but there was hardly any. So we prayed for him and the rough situation he and his wife were going through, and then headed on to the last house.

The final house was a toughie. By this time, Mike, Caleb, and Jeff had gone home, so there were just four of us left. On this person’s lawn, there were two big walnut trees, and this year had apparently had a bumper crop of walnuts, because they were everywhere. We set to work raking their lawn and their neighbour’s lawn, and then Tim and I bagged the piles created while Dave and Josh kept raking and then started shoveling the piles of them out on the street. By the time we were finished, there were fifteen bags of walnuts and leaves. It was crazy. But they couldn’t stop thanking us, and the amazing impact we seemed to have on them was thanks enough for us. Of course, when we refused their payment, they insisted on taking us out for lunch, since we had been going at this all day and not even had a break for lunch yet. Mr. Korstanji, one of the owners of the house, reminded us that we needed to learn to receive as well as give, and so with that, Josh relented and allowed them to buy us lunch. We headed out to A&W’s, and had our late lunch. By this time, it was about 2:30 PM, so it was a good five hours of work – and it was all for God’s glory and for the service of others.

I must say that I really enjoyed today. I could go on with the description, but I now have a Thanksgiving dinner to attend at the Staats’ place. I guess with that, I’ll have to tell you to stay tuned for tomorrow, when I describe tonight’s events. Over and out.

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