Corrections, Conversions, and Carolling

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Today was a fairly average day. Thus, there’s not too much to say. Chemistry class was a little bit interesting, I suppose. I basically proved the teacher wrong, and then the entire class went downhill there. She had picked out some compounds for us to practice naming and drawing Lewis Diagrams, so she had picked at random what she thought were two covalent and two ionic compounds. So we got to work at drawing out the diagrams in our notebook as she wandered around the classroom taking a look at what we were doing. When she got to me, she took a look at my diagram for AlBr3 and then said, “Oh – hey, remember, metal and non-metal compounds are ionic.” I had been a little confused by that one, but then I had looked at the electronegativity – which clearly defined it as covalent, even though it was a metal and a non-metal. I told her that, and as she double-checked she realized I was right. The rest of the class was basically spent explaining these compounds that she had thought were going to be easy and ended up not being that way at all. But the annoying thing was that she kept going on and on about how she had been wrong and such. It was fine for about the first five seconds, but after that, it just got irritating.

Anyways, that was pretty much the most interesting thing in any of the classes. Lunchtime today was actually pretty fun. Becky, Kristin, Kayla, and I went walking around the hallways and kept adding people to our group. Jared came along a little bit later, and then he, Kristin, and I went off to make friends with random people. It didn’t really work too well. We would go up to groups of people and say, “Hi!” But they mostly just stared at us and looked nervous, like we were Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to convert them or something. It was really more awkward than anything else, but it was fun at least. It helped pass the time, and I imagine we’ll do it some other lunchtime. We designated Fridays as Find a Friend Friday, so I suppose that means we’ll be doing it tomorrow as well. I had suggested going around and carolling to random people, but no one else seemed interested. They thought it was funny, for sure, but apparently not funny enough to actually go and do. Whatever. I’ll convince them to do it one of these days.

Other than that, there’s not much to say. I have to work tonight from 8:30-11:30 PM, and I’m getting trained on marquee, so it should be easy. All I have to do is climb ladders and change the signs, and change posters as well. Unfortunately, because of the time I’m working, that means missing out on both small groups and worship practice. I might have time to go to small groups, but last time I was kind of rushing out the door just to get to worship practice for 8:30 PM. It’s definitely hectic for me on Thursdays already, and working doesn’t make it any easier. Well, I guess it does actually, since it means that the only thing I can do is work. Meh. Anyways, I think that’s it for today. I’m going to go play my guitar. It’s calling out to me like how nature calls after drinking thirty litres of water. Something like that anyway.

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