Busy as a Bee on Drugs

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It’s another busy day in the life of Jeff. Honestly, I have so many things written down in my agenda for just this week that I’m not sure that I’ll survive. Why do people always plan things for the same day? I agreed to play my bass for worship at Bethel, and the service starts at 7:00 PM I think, but then Kyle told me that there was a leadership meeting at 8:15 PM that I was expected to be at – since I told him I was interested. Of course, that was before I knew what day it was supposed to be on. I feel kind of bad, actually, because I’ve had to go back on my word a couple of times, where I committed to do something or go somewhere, and due to circumstances beyond my control (or out of my knowledge), I’ve had to go back later and tell them that I can’t do it anymore. I hate that. I’m having a horrible time trying to organize my busy schedule. But at least I have one. I don’t know how some people try to remember everything they have to do – I would forget everything if I didn’t write it down. Sometimes I have to look down at my name tag just to remember what my name is (okay, that’s a lie).

Last night was a worship practice at the church. That was surprisingly the only thing I had to do last night. Tonight I have to work from 9-12, and tomorrow I have the thing at Bethel as well as the leadership meeting. Thursday I have a thing with the youth and Why Not? City Missions, where we’re going to serve hot dogs to street kids. That starts at 6:15 PM, and then I have to work from 8:30-11:30 PM. Friday is surprisingly empty, although I’m sure something will appear there. Saturday is the Amazing Race event with Central, and then next Tuesday is an MxPx/Relient K concert in Toronto with my youth group. But that’s not all. On top of that, I have a ball launcher which still doesn’t work and barely has any chance of working, a watch that keeps losing time and needs to get fixed (though my dad and I took it to the jewellery store and found out that it’s not the battery that’s dying), and three tests over the next week and a half. Then there are a bunch of smaller things that I need to remember, and a few upcoming events that I need to remember. It’s chaos in my mind right now, because I would never remember any of those things if they weren’t all written down in my agenda.

Today during last period was a pep rally for the school. I really didn’t have any clue what a pep rally was, but everyone else was going, so I figured I might as well see what it was all about. Basically, they brought out all the sports teams and then had various competitions between them, somehow encouraging “school spirit” along with it. There was a lot of cheering, but I was not one of the participants in the cheering. I could really care less about North Park – it’s only a building that I go to in order to get the few credits that I couldn’t get at BCC. I’m really not that connected to the school, and the reason I chose it over some other school like BCI is because North Park is closer to my house. That’s it. So I basically sat there at this pep rally and tried to look interested, when in reality I would rather have just spent the time in Geometry class. It’s not that I like Geometry, but I prefer studying for the test that I have in the subject tomorrow over sitting and watching people try to do freethrows while blindfolded. Anyways, we got out of the pep rally thing, and there was about fifteen minutes left of class. I really wasn’t sure whether we were expected to show up back at class. After all, attendance had already been taken, and I’m sure Mr. Suominen probably wanted to get out of the class as much as we did. So I just hung out and talked to Angelie, Jordan, Geoff, and Amanda for a while until the bell rang, and then it was a normal bus ride home. I’ve determined, however, that pep rallies are a complete waste of time – especially when the North Park football team sucks.

Anyways, with all that said, I think I’m done. I have a ball launcher to complete, and since I know that I have a busy week ahead of me, I figure I need to get it done now so that it actually will get done. I really doubt it will work, but I might be able to make some major modifications to at least get the ball to shoot out of the end of the stupid thing. Right now the elastic just kind of twists around the ball somehow and doesn’t actually shoot it anywhere. Whatever. I’ll do my best, and if it doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure that my 93% average in Physics so far will hold me over. Blah. I’m out of energy. I need sleep.

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