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Ball Launchers, Brothers, and Bad Moods

Since I don’t have much time, I’ll keep this short. And that’s fortunate, since I don’t have much to say anyways. Work last night was relatively uninteresting, and all Sunday afternoon was devoted to building my ball launcher with my dad. We pretty much screwed up part of it because the wood split, and so the thing is partially crooked, but oh well. Right now I really just want to throw the whole thing against a wall and watch with satisfaction as it breaks into a million pieces. That would just really make my day. It’s been so much of a hassle and so much wasted time and effort, just for a stupid mark in Physics. Ugh.

Today was pretty uninteresting as well. People were dressed up as a whole bunch of different things. I was dressed up as my identical twin brother – who was, incidentally, wearing my clothes. They had a costume contest at lunchtime, but I didn’t stay to see who won. Kristin, Jared, and I walked around instead. It was really just annoying, actually. I haven’t been in a good mood lately, and things just got steadily worse today. I know some of the reasons why, but even I’m not entirely sure why I’m in a bad mood. I just am. Lately, I’ve just been wanting to be anti-social, and tired as well. I don’t want to see people; I’d rather just crawl up into a little hole and sleep for a couple weeks until everything…Continue Reading

The Amazing Race (and Jurassic Pork Too!)

Oh, where to begin when talking about yesterday? There’s just too much to discuss – but since a lot of it is either repetitive or boring, I’ll skip some parts and just fill you all in on the important details. To summarize briefly, yesterday was the Amazing Race event put on by Central and made by Kristin, Michelle, Bethany, Melissa, and possibly others. And overall, it was a very fun day – and yet very tiring at the same time.

I won’t get into all the little details about the day, but I’ll give a general outline of what happened. Everyone met at the church and found out who was on our team and such. I was on a team with Cody (Kristy’s brother) and Kyle (Steph’s brother). Eventually, once everyone got there, we were on our way, receiving our first clue and heading out. The first place to go was Fast Eddie’s, and so it was a mad rush to the little burger joint. People started out running, but most didn’t make it very far. Our team ran almost the whole way, though, and still ended up getting there fourth or fifth. Anyways, the lady working there must have been completely dazed and confused, because suddenly a huge rush of kids ran up and ordered Banana Cream Pie milkshakes – that was our first task. We had to order it and choose one person to drink the entire thing. Kyle was up for the task, and he gulped it…Continue Reading

Hot Dogs and Cold Nights

I’ve been trying to think of how to start off today’s entry for about five minutes now, and I keep getting distracted by various things. Suddenly I’ll remember something to do, so I’ll run and do it, then come back and still face a blank screen. But, as my English teacher always taught me, if you can’t think of how to start off a journal entry, start it off by saying that you don’t know how to start it off. Honestly, it works wonders, because I’ve now written an entire paragraph about the subject and haven’t even said anything. Of course, since I could write pages and pages and not say anything, I guess I should be used to it by now.

Last night was pretty interesting and quite fun as well. I picked Jordan up and we drove over to the church. There we met other people, and then followed them to the post office to hand out hot dogs and such. Why Not? City Missions does it every Thursday, and they were glad for the help. I was pouring coffee, Jordan was pouring juice, and Julie was the cup girl who would hand us cups as needed. It was actually quite a good system. The night was going fairly well, and we were having a lot of fun, just joking around and talking to the people there. The stupid thing is that generally people think of the homeless as just that – homeless. They’re not real people; they’re…Continue Reading

Spies or Ambassadors? Acceptance or Authenticity?

Events and other things to remember are slowly dwindling, and it certainly is a relief. I know that for the past few days, I’ve been posting about my hectic week, but now that the week is in the process of coming to an end, many of the upcoming events have begun to be spoken of in the past tense – in other words, they’ve already happened. So now that I have no busy schedule to talk about, I have to come up with something else. Of course, when you’re a person that can write essay-length entries every day, that’s not all that hard.

Every Friday (or Thursday, as the case may be this week), I get the BCC newsletter in my email inbox. I’m really not sure why, but Mr. G likes to send it to all the alumni of BCC. I guess it keeps me informed of what’s going on there, and considering that I still know people that go there, I suppose it helps somewhat. But even though most of it doesn’t really concern me too much, talking about Phys. Ed. uniforms and football tournaments, I still make sure to read them over every week. Why? I’m not exactly sure. My dad has mentioned various times that Mr. G is quite a good writer, and I’d have to agree – sometimes he wavers on the edge of boredom, but I guess that’s what you get when you’ve taught sleeping students for a millenia or two. Plus, the first…Continue Reading

Exhaustion Fumes

I’m wishing for just one day where I can do absolutely nothing. That would be my first wish if I ever got one of those genie lamps. I just need a break so badly, because there’s just so much stuff going on that I need to remember right now. It’s too much for my puny brain to handle, and although I think I’m finally starting to get it under control, I’m still just a bit on edge. These times after school and before supper are almost always the only time I have to myself – there’s no one else in the house, and it’s a time for me to relax, sit back, and try to keep from hyperventilating or overheating or something.

But enough about that. Last night was devoted completely to my ball launcher project until 9:00 PM, when I had to go to work. I actually made some progress on my ball launcher – I got the ball to shoot out of the tube. Of course, all it did was fall out and drop on the floor, but it was still progress. I’ve had to modify my plans somewhat, but this new design appears to be the most promising. All I have to do now is basically find a base of some kind, and then find a way to attach everything to that base – and then it should be time for testing. But anyways, work last night was alright. I got angry near the end, just because…Continue Reading

Busy as a Bee on Drugs

It’s another busy day in the life of Jeff. Honestly, I have so many things written down in my agenda for just this week that I’m not sure that I’ll survive. Why do people always plan things for the same day? I agreed to play my bass for worship at Bethel, and the service starts at 7:00 PM I think, but then Kyle told me that there was a leadership meeting at 8:15 PM that I was expected to be at – since I told him I was interested. Of course, that was before I knew what day it was supposed to be on. I feel kind of bad, actually, because I’ve had to go back on my word a couple of times, where I committed to do something or go somewhere, and due to circumstances beyond my control (or out of my knowledge), I’ve had to go back later and tell them that I can’t do it anymore. I hate that. I’m having a horrible time trying to organize my busy schedule. But at least I have one. I don’t know how some people try to remember everything they have to do – I would forget everything if I didn’t write it down. Sometimes I have to look down at my name tag just to remember what my name is (okay, that’s a lie).

Last night was a worship practice at the church. That was surprisingly the only thing I had to do last night. Tonight I have to…Continue Reading

Men Crying, Mesquite Chicken, and Mental Calisthenics

Today has been fairly average, and so there isn’t much to talk about. The worship practice at Bethel yesterday afternoon went quite well, and so I’m helping out at their youth service this Wednesday, since they’re short exactly one bass player, and I just happen to fulfill that precise quantity of bass players – no more, no less. At Life Groups last night, we continued watching the Wild at Heart video series, and witnessed a bunch of grown men cry on television. They were talking about the wounds that their fathers gave them, and even though I hate to say this, since I know some people don’t exactly have the best childhoods, the words that came into my head were, “Get over it.” One guy was talking about how he was disappointed because his father built a treehouse for him and he didn’t really have a chance to help, other than passing him wood and nails. But honestly, this guy is talking about it thirty years later and crying about it, and my thought was that if that was the worst wound he had from his father, he has it pretty well off. Some things need to stay in the past, and the only reason to take them out from there and re-examine them is to learn from them – not cry over them. I can only imagine how hard it is to raise children, and as Josh said last night, nobody’s perfect, so you can’t expect your father to…Continue Reading