Twins, Friends, and Dilution

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After yesterday’s massive post, I’ll try to keep today’s short. I worked on yesterday’s post over a couple of days, actually. It took quite a while. But I think it was worth it. At the very least, even if no one else reads it, I’ll have something to look back on. But with that said, let me continue.

Today was pretty average. I now have somewhat of an idea of what an “average” day should be, since I’ve been at North Park for a week now and have learned what goes on for the most part. Today I sat down at one of the “regular” tables in the cafeteria – by regular, I mean not the ones on the little platform. I sat at one of the empty tables, but it was soon filled up with other people. I was talking to the one guy there, who was complaining about his frozen chicken in his lunch. Then he leaned over and talked to someone on the other end of the table. I looked over, and there he was again! It turns out that he has a twin brother, which is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted a twin.

Anyways, after finishing up my lunch and talking to this guy, I excused myself and went up onto the platform to talk to Kristin for a while. There I met Becky, who I’ve met before, but haven’t seen in a while – since Erica’s party, in fact. The three of us talked for a while, then they wanted to go somewhere to get out of the hot, loud cafeteria, so we left and headed over to my locker so I could just put my lunch bag in there. We ended up just standing there instead, though, so we talked about math for a while – you know, fun, exciting topics like that. After that, we parted ways so I could get to the main office and pick up some sheet for picture day tomorrow. Since I don’t have a homeroom, I didn’t get one, nor did I know I had to get one until my Chemistry teacher mentioned it. She’s good that way, in that she kind of goes over all the important stuff at the beginning of class, so that I can sort of know what’s going on even though I don’t have a homeroom.

But anyways, that’s about all I have to say. I finally met up with Vince today; I saw him in the hallway during first period. Since he only has two classes, I haven’t seen him around all that much, but he was getting bored in Physics class apparently, so he went to the washroom. I happened to be walking by at the time, so we talked for a couple minutes and such. Other than that, though, things were pretty average. I don’t mind the school now; I wouldn’t say I like it yet, but it’s getting tolerable. I still miss having all my friends around me at BCC, where I could go up to anyone in the school and I’d already know them and be able to have a conversation with them. At North Park, I have friends, but finding them is difficult amongst a whole bunch of strangers. It’s like a difference in concentration of friends. Assuming I had the same amount of friends at both schools (which I don’t), then BCC would still have a higher concentration, because it’s not diluted by all the other people like at North Park. But in that regard, I guess it’s not that bad. I mean, once I get into university, things are going to be even more diluted. But that doesn’t make one better or worse than the other. I can survive in both BCC and North Park, and besides the Christian aspect of BCC which makes it better, there are many advantages that North Park has over BCC because of the larger size. They’re really just different – not better or worse in terms of school size, just different. And once you get used to one or the other, it’s easy to cope with whatever gets thrown at you.

I guess this still ended up turning out longer than I expected it to. Sheesh. I’m just long-winded no matter how much I try to restrict myself. But since this is my blog, I don’t want to restrict myself too much anyways. I say what needs to be said, and I’m finished when I have nothing else to say. Length doesn’t matter too much, it’s content that matters. Of course, most of my content is pointless, but whatever. It’s still important to me, and that’s all that really matters. So whatever. With all that said, I’m done.

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