The Anti-Party

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Last night was certainly a disappointment. I was expecting something cool at Jake’s house, and I ended up having more fun outside his house than I did inside. That would have been great if it was an outdoor party, but most of the “action” – if you can call it that – was inside. So I guess I’ll just go ahead and write about the night, since that’s what I generally do anyways.

The story actually begins even before the party. Since I have this weekend booked off work, I decided that I wanted to go see Flightplan in theatres. It just came out, and I wanted to see it on a weekend that I knew I didn’t have to work on. Melissa’s also told me that she wants to go see it, and so I figured that the most logical thing would be to go see it together – of course, that’s complicated by the fact that we’d have to have more people there since we’re not allowed to go on “dates,” but whatever. Anyways, I called Jake to see what time he wanted people over at his house, and he said between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. Since it was at about 4:00 PM when I called, that left plenty of time to do something in between. I decided that Flightplan would fit nicely in that space of time, so I called up Melissa to see if she wanted to go. As it turned out, she did, but she had to stay home to celebrate her mom’s birthday (I won’t put down the age, because that would just make me plain rude), so she couldn’t go see it. That sort of complicated things, because I told her I would go see it without her and she told me that I would go have to see it twice then. Apparently she really wants to see this movie with me – that’s the impression I’m getting anyways. So whatever. She told me to go see it this afternoon instead, since she also has to babysit tonight – I’ll think about it.

The lack of a movie-going experience left me with nothing to do until 8:30 PM. It’s really annoying having to wait for something with a time period on it. You try and find something to do to fill up the time, but since you always have your eye on the clock, it becomes a struggle to even survive. Anyways, I managed to keep myself occupied, and then I left for Jake’s. When I got there, Jeff and Dave were already there, and they went upstairs and watched the Dave Chapelle Show on DVD. I watched a couple episodes and then went downstairs – Jeff was like, “Why are you leaving? You’ll love this one.” But I really didn’t feel like sitting there and doing nothing. By this time, more people were there – more girls, to be exact. I sat there and talked with them for a while, and we basically did nothing. Eventually, since we had energy, Michelle, Meagan, Melissa, Bethany, and I headed to the park to play soccer. Well, first we just were going to walk/run, but after I ran down the street and then walked back, they decided that soccer was a better idea. Whatever. I asked Jake for a soccer ball, and he gave me a really small, flat one. We started walking to the park, but after getting most of the way there, Michelle and Bethany said that they wanted to leave at 11:00, and since it was about 10:45 by that time, we started heading back. It was pretty pointless. We did set up a little ten-minute game of soccer in Jake’s backyard, though. At first it was Bethany, Melissa, and Meagan against Michelle and me, but we were too good for them and won something like 4-1. Then Michelle switched teams, so it was me against everyone. I think I won that 2-1, but it wasn’t very long because the girls decided that it was time for them to leave. Basically, I rule.

Melissa and I went back inside, and inside we found Steph, who had just come from work. We talked for a little while, and then Melissa suggested that we go get ice cream from McDonalds. I said I’d drive them if Melissa paid, and she agreed, so off we went – Steph, Melissa, and I. We got there, parked the car, and then tried to jump on the drive-thru sensor, but it didn’t work. Eventually I just suggested that we drive through the drive-thru, and since we weren’t getting anywhere by jumping on it, it was a good idea. We ended up getting milkshakes, and then Melissa started complaining that I should let her drive so she could show me how she’s improved. We went across the street to the Canadian Tire parking lot, and I reluctantly let her get into the driver’s seat. She wasn’t bad, actually, but it’s not hard to improve when you consider her first driving experience. It was on Brooks Ct., and she was just letting the car roll forward – not even stepping on the gas. The wheels were turned a bit, and when she realized that she was going towards a tree (which was still quite a ways off, but whatever), she slammed on the brakes with both feet and sent Bethany and I (who were in the car with her) flying. Yes, anything’s an improvement over that.

After Melissa drove around, Steph had to have her turn as well, so she drove around and freaked me out for a while until I told her to get out and let me drive again. I felt much more secure when I was back in the driver’s seat and in control. I mean, if anything had happened to the car at all, it would have been my fault. I would either have to tell my parents that I did it and probably not be able to drive for a long time, or else tell them that I was letting my friends drive illegally – neither option is very appealing. Anyways, we drove back to Jake’s house, with the girls Candypantsing people on the way home. Actually, when we were coming out of the McDonalds parking lot, there were a couple people on bikes that they Candypantsed. We then came to a stop at the red light, and one of the guys on the bikes came over and asked, “What did you guys say?” He was probably only 13 or something, but Steph just said, “Uhh, nothing…” and rolled up the window. As soon as the light turned green, we left.

After that excursion, we got back to Jake’s house, and it was as boring as ever. The girls eventually decided to go to Angelie’s house to sleep over, and they told Dave and me to come to just watch a movie – I mean, we weren’t invited to sleep over, which was certainly fine with us, but anything was pretty much more interesting than Jake’s house. Most of the guys were out back around the fire, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even miss us. So Adam drove the girls home while I drove myself and Dave, and when we got there, Angelie decided to tell us that we might not be able to stay. Adam had gone to drop Autumn off at her house, but since Angelie’s parents aren’t home, they had said not to have any guys over. Angelie told us we could stay if it was alright with Adam, but eventually she talked to Amy and they decided that it was probably best if we left. I understood, but Dave and I were kind of annoyed that they hadn’t said anything before we went and drove over to her house. Apparently Angelie had said something back at Jake’s house, but neither of us heard it. Anyways, Dave asked if I was going home or not, since I had talked about it before, so I thought about it for a second. Nothing much was happening at Jake’s house, and it was just guys there now, so it wasn’t too exciting for me. On the other hand, at my house was a nice, warm bed and sleep. So I opted to go home. I drove Dave back to Jake’s house and then went home to sleep. And a great sleep it was – except for the few times that I woke up to sneeze because of my allergies. That was another good reason not to go back to Jake’s – he has a dog, and to stay there for the rest of the night would probably become torture after a while.

Anyways, probably the biggest reason that I didn’t go back to his house was because of the fact that no girls were there. That sounds sort of strange, and it’s hard to explain, but the fact of the matter is that I just get along better with girls. There are some guys that hang out best with other guys, and other guys that hang out best with girls. And I’m in the latter category. When guys hang out, they tend to get retarded and do stupid things. Sometimes it becomes a battle between who’s more of a “man.” I mean, I’m not saying that always happens, and I do hang out with guys; it’s not a huge problem for me. I’m just saying that when given the choice between hanging out with a group of guys and hanging out with a group of girls, I’ll generally take the second choice. Girls have their own type of stupidity, but with guys it’s usually a contest to see who’s the most stupid, whereas with girls it’s mostly stupidity as a group. They’ll go and do stupid stuff together, instead of guys, who go around trying to prove to the rest of the people that they’re better and being stupid that way.

Perhaps the best way to explain it would be to say that I just plain don’t know where I fit in. I mean, I’ve always found that I can hang around girls much more easily than with guys. I just feel more natural, and I don’t feel like I constantly have to be “better” than someone else. That doesn’t mean that I never like hanging out with guys. I mean, that has its place, and I enjoy it as well. But usually I have to be forced into that. Generally, Jeff will call me up and get me to go hang out “with the guys.” I just don’t do it naturally. I don’t know. It’s awkward even explaining this. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m alright with hanging out with both groups; it’s just a matter of what I enjoy more. Whatever. I’m just going to end this off. I think I’ve adequately described last night. It wasn’t anything too spectacular anyways.

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