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There’s no accurate way to describe yesterday. In one sense, it was fun, and in another sense, it wasn’t – all at the same time. There’s no entry written yesterday because I was away all day. That’s okay. On Thursday night all I ended up doing was watching Star Wars Episode 4 like I said I was going to do, so it’s all good. But with that said, I’m a little all over the place right now, so I may as well just get started and paint the picture of yesterday’s events for you. So sit tight, grab your favourite beverage and/or culinary delight, and read on.

I woke up at 9:30 AM feeling nice and refreshed. I had taken a couple Tylenol before I went to bed, since I had a headache and needed it to be gone for the morning. I had a wonderful sleep, and woke up without any trace of a headache. Of course, it’s back now, but whatever. I did my daily devotions and then went downstairs and had something to eat. Jeff called me up around 10:00 AM and told me what was happening. He said that Kristy was in for our trip to the mall, and though Angelie couldn’t come, he had found a substitute. He said I wouldn’t mind who it was, and then made me guess. It was pretty obvious, of course, since he said I wouldn’t mind. Melissa was on the roster list, though she was a replacement for a replacement (Dave was originally supposed to come, then it was Angelie, and after her, Melissa). That has to be hard on the self-esteem. Well, not really, but whatever.

The next important event was Jeff picking me up at my house. Of course, by this time I had showered and changed and done all that important stuff, so I don’t feel the need to go into that in any more detail. Melissa was already in the car, and so we went and picked up Kristy to complete the posse. Then we headed off to Limeridge Mall. The trip up was fairly uneventful. On the way, we had to stop at Wendy’s, though, so that Jeff could get a drink. It wasn’t so much that he was thirsty as that he had smashed the car door on his finger while getting gas right before he picked me up. His finger was all reddish-purple, and there was black on his fingernail. So he got a drink from Wendy’s, drank it, and then stuck his finger in the cup of ice. The trip up was mainly just music playing, interrupted by Jeff complaining about his finger every once in a while. I mean, it was understandable, but he was honestly talking about his finger the entire day. I thought it was pretty funny. It looked pretty nasty, although it looked sort of like marker more than anything. I’d suggest that he drew on it just to get sympathy from people, but considering we didn’t give him all that much, I somehow doubt it.

Once we got to Limeridge and went inside, the next order of business was to figure out where to go. That was a bit of a problem. Jeff kept asking the girls where they wanted to go, so that we could round out the shopping experience with both guy and girl stores. They didn’t really have any suggestions, though, so what ended up happening is that we split up, with the guys going one way and the girls going another. It serves me right for hanging out with a bunch of Baptists, I guess. Anyways, for the next little while, I basically followed Jeff around as he shopped for shirts, hoodies, and a backpack. I pretty much hate shopping, so I did a bunch of nothing, and entertained myself in the only way I know how – by looking at people and trying to figure out their story. Old men, little girls, married couples – they all have a story to tell, and it’s really just a guessing game to figure out what it is. Of course, I’ll never know for sure, but it passes the time quite well. Anyways, probably the most interesting part of the time at the mall was when we were in West 49, as Jeff was paying for the things he bought. As we were standing there, I saw Melissa and Kristy walk by and yell “Candypants!” then run away. Jeff and I just looked at each other and asked, “Do we know them?”

Jeff had told the girls to call him on his cell phone when they wanted to meet up. Since we were finished, though, we decided to try and find them. He had tried calling Kristy’s cell phone, but it said she was unavailable. So we decided to sit by the big fountain and wait for them to come to us. We sat there for about ten or fifteen minutes, then got bored and decided to go for lunch. As we got up and left, Jeff decided to try her cell phone one more time, and this time she had decided to turn it on, so he got through. We met them over by the fountain, and then walked over to get lunch. Afterwards, we decided to go go-karting at Ben-Mar, so we left the mall, got into the car, and headed back. After stopping at a store called The Green Room so that Jeff could get a hoodie he couldn’t find at West 49, we headed over to Ben-Mar. We bought three laps and got onto the track. I was the last one that they started up, so I was behind the others the entire time. My go-kart just didn’t have enough power to catch up with them at all. It also had no brakes at all. I went to slow down to give the guy one of the cards for the lap, and I couldn’t stop at all. He had to run after me, and he told me to slow down. I then told him that I had no brakes at all, then drove away. At one point, I got up beside Jeff, but I had to let him ahead of me again, because a turn was coming up that would pretty much drive me right into the tires. Anyways, it was pretty fun.

After go-karting, it was time to head to someone’s house. Jeff nominated Melissa’s house, and she said that was fine. We headed over there and ended up playing hide-and-seek with all her brothers and sisters. It was kind of hard to find hiding spots I thought. I mean, I’m just not as small as I used to be. Otherwise, I’d be able to squeeze into any spot I wanted to. After that, Jeff and I played some Halo. He completely killed me, but whatever. We had to stop because Melissa had to get to work, so we got into the car and drove her there, then Jeff dropped Kristy and me off at our houses as well. I had to get to work as well, so I got ready, had some supper, and started work at 6:30 PM. I was on concession, and it was busy. I seemed to be getting all the people with massively huge orders. This one person spent over $60 for her and her kids. Anyways, I didn’t do too badly on concession, but when it came time to count my money at the end of the night, I was out of it. I had to get Nikki to help me with making the float, because I just couldn’t think. My headache was back, and it was angry at me for suppressing it with that Tylenol. Anyways, eventually everything got figured out.

That girl I was talking about a few days ago was also working on concession last night. I learned that her name was Sarah, and I also learned that she has a boyfriend. She showed some of the people this pillow that she and her boyfriend made. They wrote little messages to each other or something since he was going away to college, so I figured that hey, perhaps she wasn’t quite as “loose” as Eric had made her out to be. After all, I doubt that she’d have made a pillow or something equally as sentimental with a guy that she wasn’t all that attached to. So I let down my guard a little bit and got to know her a bit better. When I say a bit better, I mean only a bit – since it was busy last night, there wasn’t all that much time to really get to know people. Once the movies were in, though, I got taught how to do “the count” – basically counting how much stuff is in stock and everything. Both Sarah and Mike helped me count stuff, which they didn’t have to do at all. I guess they either didn’t have anything to do or were trying to be nice, or both.

Anyways, after that, I used on Sarah my time-honoured technique for getting to know people and talking to them. What is this technique, you ask? Well, it involves asking the person why they’re so mean to you. You have to make it obvious that you’re joking, of course, but you also have to look as serious as possible. The person will say something like, “I’m not mean to you! How am I mean?” Then you bring up every little thing that could be thought of as “mean,” and hold it against them. It sounds strange trying to explain it, but it really works. It gives them the impression that you’re friendly and like to joke around. For example, at one point, Sarah stuck out her tongue at me. If you’re wondering why I was using this on Sarah, it was because she was working at the station next to me – I was on the end, and she was on the next one over. Anyways, after she stuck out her tongue, I asked, “Why are you so mean to me?” Of course, I’ve only worked with her once, and that was about the only “mean” thing she’s ever done, but it worked like a charm. She asked how she was mean, I reminded her that she had stuck her tongue out at me. She looked all offended, and then told me she would kick my butt (edited for content). Of course, that just reinforced what I was saying, and so I could call her mean for the rest of the night. I later told her that she hated me, and then she started bringing it up with other people. She went over to Nikki and told her, “Jeff here thinks I’m mean.” Nikki just turned to me and said, “Yeah, well she’s mean to everyone. She’s a pretty hateful person.” Score.

I’m not quite sure why I’m even talking about this. I guess I just like analyzing people. I mean, I want to get into psychology, and stuff like this interests me. It’s not the specific person that matters; I mean, it could pretty much be anyone. Everyone’s an interesting person when you get to know them. You just have to take interest in the things that they do. I later got to know another person there named Miranda, and she started talking to me about North Park. Boy, I really hate the question, “So, what school do you go to?” It’s frustrating to have to explain how I went to a really small private school that they’ve never heard of. I usually just answer the question now with “North Park,” although I usually have to end up explaining that I’m only starting this year. Anyways, she seemed pretty nice, but I sort of ran out of things to say. That’s the one thing I don’t like about meeting people – the awkward silences when you realize that you don’t know this person at all, so you don’t know what to ask questions about. I’m not really much of a conversationalist until I know people well, so what really helps is when I’m sort of “in” the conversation, but not really a part of it. It’s helped to get to know people when I follow Nikki around (since she’s training me) and she goes and talks to people. I’m part of the conversation, but all I really have to do is stand there and stay quiet unless they ask me a question or direct a comment to me. It’s so much easier to get to know people when you know someone who knows everyone else. Does that make sense? Didn’t think so.

Anyways, I think I’m done babbling for today. I really didn’t have much to talk about, but I ended up rambling anyways, like I usually do. I have to work tonight, which should be an easy shift. I’m only working 6:30-9:30 PM, so basically I think I just have to go to work, clean theatres, and then leave. I’m not sure who else is working, but since it’s a Saturday, there should be at least another usher or two there. Blah blah blah, I can feel myself getting boring, so I’ll stop talking. If there’s one thing I never learned, it’s when to shut up. But I’m going to guess that the time has come. So here I go – this is Jeff, shutting up.

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