Practices, Powerpoint, and Physics Papers

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There’s really not much to say about today at all. In Physics class, we raced our mousetrap cars, and Alex and my car went 8 metres – not bad, I must say. But other than that, it was a fairly normal day, so I really am not sure what to write.

Last night was quite interesting. We had our first youth service of the new fall season, and it certainly was just as well-done as last year. To begin with, it took about half an hour to an hour just to get the microphones set up, turned on, and adjusted to a decent level. I had to sit at the horrible computer and type up four songs that weren’t in the Powerpoint, so that the people would have the words. That took a while, because the computer is quite slow, and the keyboard is very sensitive – well, the entire keyboard except for the I key, which sticks and only works when you hit it forcefully. I think in total, I spend more time backspacing than typing when I put songs into the system. Anyways, we eventually got everything set up, working, and semi-audible, so we practiced as much as we could. Then it was showtime.

Of course, no one on stage really has any reason to worry about sounding bad. After all, there were just about as many people out in the audience as on stage. Yeah, our youth group’s pretty pathetic. To our credit, though, I think we’re going to be making some positive changes – including alternating the youth services with the main service so that we can use the sanctuary. This isn’t so that we have more space, since we’ll only likely fill up the first couple of pews, but the sound system in the sanctuary is much better, and the room has less of an echo. In general, everything just sounds better in there than in the gym, and in turn, it allows us to worship better. After all, it’s hard to worship God when you’re cringing at the horrible sound – if the people playing and singing can’t hear even themselves, then it’s hard to stay on tune.

Anyways, after our horrible practice, we went into the little storage room for prayer. We definitely needed it, and I along with others just prayed that we’d be able to pull it together and do our best – not so we’d necessarily have the best music out there, but so that it would be our music, our worship to God. It seems like that prayer was answered, too. We did much better in the actual service than while practicing, and although we skipped over some of the songs we hadn’t practiced much and weren’t very good at, the ones we did play sounded good for youth service standards.

I guess the only other thing I want to mention is Sunday afternoon. I suppose this should be above the other few paragraphs to be in chronological order, but oh well. I forgot about it until just now, and I don’t feel like going back and changing it. After the morning service, I was talking with Jordan, and we decided that we needed to convince our parents to get together and have a barbecue. He went to work on convincing his parents, but they kind of ignored his suggestion. So I suggested it to my mom, and she went over to Aunt Lynn to figure something out. They came over to our house, and we had hamburgers and various salads and stuff. It was really good. Afterwards, Jordan and I went downstairs to the computer, and we looked at some of his pictures from France and stuff. Eventually, though, I realized that his parents really weren’t going home anytime soon, and so, knowing that I had homework to do, Jordan told me to go ahead and do my homework while he played my bass. I had to write up a paper for Physics class about the mousetrap car, so I was trying to think of what to write for that. I would put down a sentence or two, and then Jordan would sing what I had just written as he played a song on my bass. It was really funny, but also annoying at the same time. I guess I’m just not used to people singing Physics papers – as I’m writing them. But whatever. I got it written eventually, and then we went down to the church to practice at the practice that I’ve already mentioned.

I guess that’s it for today. Tonight I have to work from 6-12:15, which should be nice and brutal. There probably will be only a handful of people there watching movies, since not many people go to the movies on a Monday night. So I’ll likely be bored out of my skull, not to mention being there the entire night to begin with. Oh well. I guess I can handle it, since it’s my only shift this week anyways. Having the weekend booked off was nice. I don’t get that very often, and although I was likely more busy doing stuff than I would have been if I were working, the break was still nice. Anyways, I could go on and on about any topic of my choosing, but I’ll refrain from doing so before I put what few readers I have to sleep. If I’m falling asleep while writing this, then you’re likely already asleep while reading it. Which, I suppose, means you’re not reading it. But whatever. Avoid the obvious contradiction and just go away, because I’m done writing.

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