Pictures, Principals, and People

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Today was a little out of the ordinary. Being picture day, there were interruptions on the PA system every five or ten minutes for certain homerooms or certain people to come to the gym to get their picture taken. When I got to school in the morning, I headed to the main office to ask what I had to do, since I had no homeroom. She asked me what my second class was, and then told me that I would be called out of that class. Sure enough, I was called out of Chemistry class, so I followed the other people to Gym C and got my picture taken. It took all of two minutes at the most to do that, and then it was back up to class.

Speaking of Chemistry class, that too was out of the ordinary. Instead of having a normal class, what we did was went up to the computer room and researched careers dealing with radioisotopes. There were several choices to pick from, and I chose to research radiologists, since that would likely have the most information on it. Anyways, for some reason I still don’t have login information. I guess it may be because I have no homeroom, but whatever the case, I don’t have it. Mrs. Ham had to log me in with just a general account or something so that I could use the computers. When I got on, it turned out that they only had Corel WordPerfect, so I had to struggle with that annoying piece of software just to type out what I wanted. It kept turning what I was typing into a hyperlink for some stupid reason, so it was more of a hassle than anything. Near the end of class, I saved what I had, and then emailed it to myself to work on at home. I’ll have to take it and transfer it to Microsoft Word so I don’t end up getting a major headache, but whatever.

I had decided to go to school half an hour early today so that I could talk to the vice-principal about getting his signature so that I could drop a class in the second semester. I had talked to the guidance office secretary yesterday, who told me that since, after dropping the extra course, I would only have two classes in that semester, I would have to get the principal’s signature to be labelled as a part-time student. That was fine, but I waited until today just so I could bring my timetable. I should have never had the guidance counsellor I talked to before add in that extra course to replace Physics. Anyways, the secretary had told me to go to the Attendance Office, and that the principal’s office was in there. So that’s what I did. I went into the Attendance Office and looked around. The secretary wasn’t there, but I saw two doors for the two vice-principals’ offices. The one handling students whose last names start with A-K is named Mr. Quistberg, and I noticed that he was in his office. I just knocked on the doorframe and he welcomed me in, gesturing for me to sit down while he finished what he was working on at the time. I waited there patiently for about five minutes or so, and then he asked me what I needed. I explained the situation, and apparently only the principal could sign something like that. I hadn’t seen any door to his office, though. Apparently it was further down, but whatever. He told me not to worry about it until January or so, and then to just talk to the principal and get it dealt with.

Anyways, since this entry isn’t in any particular order (definitely not chronological order, anyway), I might as well explain what happened at lunch. I found room at a table on the platform area, and it happened to be the same one that Kristin was at. We talked for a while, and Becky showed up as well. After a little while, the three of us headed out of the cafeteria, because that place is just always really loud and really hot. We and a couple other people whose names I forget walked to “the rotunda” – a little area with vending machines and such. People split ways, so Kristin and I walked around for a little bit and met up with Becky once again. The three of us then went outside after picking up a couple other people – one of them being a graduate of CBA, and the other a girl who used to be homeschooled and who was on the team that BCC played against. Her name was Rachel – that’s not bad; I remembered one out of four names. Anyways, we stood outside in the shade of a tree and talked for a little while, and then parted ways to get back to class. I can’t say that it was all that exciting, but it was more interesting than sitting by myself and doing nothing.

So anyways, that was pretty much all of today. I mean, there was more, but it wasn’t interesting enough to mention. Tonight I have to work from 6-12, which should be nice and boring. I mean, it’s a weeknight, so not many people will be there. I also have to close, which means that although I have a few things to do to keep myself occupied, it’s a long and monotonous shift for the most part. Speaking of closing as an usher, I got a few compliments from a couple of my managers the last time I was working. I was doing a deposit in the office, and one of them asked if I needed any help – since I’m still in training on concession. The other one said, “No way, he’s got everything together. He’s one of the few that knows what he’s doing.” The first one then talked about how when he had asked if I needed help the time before that I had looked at him like he was out in orbit or something. I didn’t think I had, but the point was that they thought I was doing a good job. I’m just glad that I got hired along with the person that I did; since he knows very little, I look like I’ve got everything down perfectly. I know that’s kind of harsh, but it’s true – I was working on concession last time I was working, and he was the usher, and he sort of looked confused, as if he still didn’t know what to do. I think he’s getting better, but it’s taken a lot longer for him than for me.

Anyways, with that said, I’m done. I’ll likely get off my shift and then collapse into bed as soon as I can. I have some math homework to do, but I’ll just have to do that tomorrow morning or not at all. It’s not really complicated stuff right now, just sort of introductory geometry, so it shouldn’t take that long. Whatever. That’s it for today. Join me again tomorrow for another exciting adventure! Or not.

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