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Pictures, Principals, and People

Today was a little out of the ordinary. Being picture day, there were interruptions on the PA system every five or ten minutes for certain homerooms or certain people to come to the gym to get their picture taken. When I got to school in the morning, I headed to the main office to ask what I had to do, since I had no homeroom. She asked me what my second class was, and then told me that I would be called out of that class. Sure enough, I was called out of Chemistry class, so I followed the other people to Gym C and got my picture taken. It took all of two minutes at the most to do that, and then it was back up to class.

Speaking of Chemistry class, that too was out of the ordinary. Instead of having a normal class, what we did was went up to the computer room and researched careers dealing with radioisotopes. There were several choices to pick from, and I chose to research radiologists, since that would likely have the most information on it. Anyways, for some reason I still don’t have login information. I guess it may be because I have no homeroom, but whatever the case, I don’t have it. Mrs. Ham had to log me in with just a general account or something so that I could use the computers. When I got on, it turned out that they only had Corel WordPerfect, so I had…Continue Reading

Twins, Friends, and Dilution

After yesterday’s massive post, I’ll try to keep today’s short. I worked on yesterday’s post over a couple of days, actually. It took quite a while. But I think it was worth it. At the very least, even if no one else reads it, I’ll have something to look back on. But with that said, let me continue.

Today was pretty average. I now have somewhat of an idea of what an “average” day should be, since I’ve been at North Park for a week now and have learned what goes on for the most part. Today I sat down at one of the “regular” tables in the cafeteria – by regular, I mean not the ones on the little platform. I sat at one of the empty tables, but it was soon filled up with other people. I was talking to the one guy there, who was complaining about his frozen chicken in his lunch. Then he leaned over and talked to someone on the other end of the table. I looked over, and there he was again! It turns out that he has a twin brother, which is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted a twin.

Anyways, after finishing up my lunch and talking to this guy, I excused myself and went up onto the platform to talk to Kristin for a while. There I met Becky, who I’ve met before, but haven’t seen in a while – since Erica’s party, in fact. The three of us talked for…Continue Reading

Jeff’s Journal: Greatest Hits

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading all my old English journals from the past four years of high school. It’s been really amazing to see just how much I’ve changed over such a relatively short time. With each successive year, I wrote longer and more meaningful journal entries. So in order to condense some of the good things I wrote, I’m going to take the time to type out the best of the best from all four years. The entries that follow are the ones that I like best and are memorable to me. Some are funny, and some are thought-provoking, but they all represent who I am or who I used to be. All comments will be written in red, within square brackets, just so I can help fill in some details in some places. Anyways, be prepared for a long blog entry, because I have a lot of entries that I like. Enjoy.

Snakes – Sept. 10, 2001Snakes are really cool. I like them, even if they’re poisonous. Some people hate them, but they are so cool and slithery and they wrap around your arm like a bracelet except a bit heavier. The only part I don’t like is when you first pick them up and they start peeing on you or something. Maybe they’re really nervous or scared or maybe they’re just trying to get lighter to make an escape or something. Who knows. But I still like snakes. I remember when my friends and…Continue Reading

Calls, Candles, Car Washes

Last night was, well, interesting to say the least. It all started with a call from Melissa, who wanted to do something but didn’t know what. She had called me up to make me come up with a good idea. However, considering I had been trying to think of what to do on a Friday night for the past hour or so, and hadn’t come up with anything really good, I didn’t have too many suggestions for her. She wanted to do something outside since it was a nice day out, but she rejected all the ideas I gave her. She wanted to play soccer, but I reminded her that anyone else we called up would most likely be too lazy to play that.

What ended up happening was that we decided to just call people up and tell them to meet at her house, and then we’d figure out what to do. That was fine, I called up Jeff and Dave, and then went for supper once my parents got home. Afterwards, I got my mom to drop me off at the Staats’ house. Dave was already there, and they were just waiting for Meagan. Apparently Kristin and Bethany were going to a baby welcoming thing at Central, so we were walking over there as well, and then watching a movie afterwards. I was so grateful that I was informed of exactly what I was doing that night – of course, I would have liked some input into the…Continue Reading

Lunchtime Visits and Old English Journals

Today’s been a better day than the three previous days of school. If you graphed a line of how I felt at school over the past week, it’d be a curve upward. I mean, I still don’t want to be there all that much, just because I could do without the extra year, I have few friends there, and most people there are younger than me by anywhere from one to five years. But overall, I’m just getting more used to being there, and I also realize that I need the extra courses. This year will also help me as a sort of “transition year” – I’d rather go from twenty people, to a few hundred people, to thousands of people, instead of straight from twenty to thousands. It at least gets me used to the shock of having people everywhere around you, as well as the lightning-quick reflexes needed in order to navigate throughout the crowded hallways between classes. It takes quick thinking to figure out where best to go, or else you get trapped behind someone who’s planning on getting to class five minutes late by the speed at which they’re walking. Intersecting hallways are the worst. The flow of students are going every which way, and it takes a quick mind to figure out how fast people are going so you can slip in between a rush of traffic.

The highlight of my day today has to be lunchtime. Normally that’s the worst part of the day…Continue Reading

Decisions, Decisions

Today was better than the previous two days in regard to school. I felt a lot more relaxed and in control than I did before. There’s not all that much to talk about for today, except to mention that my mom gave me money to buy supper, so after school I walked over to Quizno’s and bought my favourite sub, a Mesquite Chicken. I wasn’t sure whether there would be enough time to go buy that and then come back to catch the 3:30 bus, but it ended up that there was plenty of time. Tonight I have to work again for three hours – it’ll most likely be horribly boring like last night. After youth last night, I went to work from 9-12, and there were very few people there. At the end of the night, we were waiting for two people in one theatre – that was all that was left. I was so incredibly bored. Since tonight is a weeknight as well, I suspect it won’t be that busy tonight either. Oh well. At least it’s only three hours of boredom.

I got a letter from my youth group yesterday that I read when I got home from work. Apparently on the Sunday nights when they have Life Groups, we’re getting into guys’ and girls’ groups and probably doing a book study. I’m not sure whether that was a result of Pastor Al trying to combine ideas so things weren’t too busy, or just a coincidence, but…Continue Reading

Forgetfulness, Feelings, and Friends

Today was a lot better of a day than yesterday. It still wasn’t amazing, but at least I didn’t feel as horrible as I did the day before. I took the bus half an hour earlier than I needed to this morning so that I could do a couple things I needed to. One thing I wanted to do was to buy an agenda from the main office. I think they handled that in each homeroom class yesterday, but since I don’t have a homeroom, I didn’t have the chance to get one. I sort of need one considering my amazing ability to forget everything I’m supposed to remember, and remember all the stuff I didn’t even need to know. I figured that an agenda would be nice, because that allows me to at least have everything written down – so instead of forgetting what I need to remember, I can just forget to look in the agenda. It’s a lot less of a guilt trip when I find out that I forgot.

Anyways, I went to the main office and asked the lady about agendas. She wrote down my name on a piece of paper, and told me to come back tomorrow to pick it up. That was fine. The other thing I had to do was to get a course dropped from my timetable for the second semester – it’s not urgent, of course, but I figure the sooner I do it, the better. I walked down the…Continue Reading