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Experimental Science

After extensive testing and rigorous procedures, I can safely declare that I have scientifically proven that it is torture to attend school the day after a 17-hour day. You may ask how this could possibly be true – if you do, though, you may as well slap yourself now and just forget reading the rest of this. It’s obvious, but yet I took it upon myself to prove this categorically to the world once and for all.

Yesterday I woke up at 7:00 AM for See You at the Pole. After a gruelling 17 hours with no shut-eye, I finally got home from work at about 12:10 AM early the next morning. You would think that after that long, I would fall right asleep – but no. Generally, I find that after getting off work, even though it’s really late, the fact that I’ve been working, walking, standing, etc. keeps me from getting tired. In other words, there’s no slow-down period. I work really late, which tells my body to release some sort of stimulants to keep me going, and then suddenly I tell it to fall asleep right away. So it doesn’t really work. I suppose I could likely add about another hour onto that 17 hours, since it took about an hour to fall asleep, but we’ll leave it at 17 just for scientific purposes.

Today was pretty much torture in its vilest form. I woke up at 8:15 AM and tried to keep myself going the entire…Continue Reading

Movies, McDonalds, and…um…Clue

Right now I’m debating between my options of either writing a short little entry today, then doing my homework before I go to work so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning, or writing a decent-sized entry and then just leaving my homework until tomorrow morning completely. It’s a tough decision, so I guess I’ll just avoid making it and try to just accurately narrate the events of last night and today as concisely as possible. Then we’ll figure out my homework situation later.

Last night was quite interesting. I wanted to do something since I knew I had to work tonight and I have a worship practice tomorrow night that I need to go to. So I called up Melissa and tried to figure out something to do. Eventually I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I’m a boring person and can’t come up with interesting ideas. We decided to get people to come to my house and watch a movie. That was the plan anyways. I started calling people, and quickly found out that almost no one was at home. I got a few responses from people’s parents, though, saying that they would be back within about half an hour or so. That was promising. Anyways, with a complete lack of response, I called Melissa back and just told her to hold off on coming over for the time being until I heard back from people. I then told her that it was the…Continue Reading

Changes are Afoot

Last night was nothing short of amazing. What on the surface appeared to be a normal night turned into something spectacular. And I have no one to attribute it to except God Himself. He alone could have done what happened, and the fact that it was an answer to one of my prayers as well made it just all the more exciting. Let me explain.

On Sunday night, the youth had determined that we needed to have more practice for worship on Sunday night services. That was alright, so we set up a practice date for the next evening at 7:00 PM. Kyle suggested it that it be an acoustic night, just to work on the mainly the vocals and getting that right. That was fine with everyone, and so it happened. I got there roughly on time, and Kyle called Jordan since he hadn’t been there the night before to know about it. We started practicing, and everything was going fairly well, but fairly average. Jordan got there soon after, and we set up another acoustic guitar for him, plugging microphones and such into the system so that the piano and drums could be used. We were having an average, run-of-the-mill worship practice, and that’s just around the time when God showed up.

That morning, in my daily prayer time (which usually ends up being every two or three days, unfortunately), I had made sure to pray specifically for the worship practice that was to come in the evening.…Continue Reading

Life Groups, Lunch Times, and Laziness

Last night certainly had some ups and downs – mostly ups, which was good, but still a few downs. All the youth (yes, all ten or so of them) got together for Life Groups at the Poulton’s house and talked for awhile. I had driven over there, and people were currently in the process of just joking around and having a good time, when the phone rang. Caitlin answered the phone since she was the closest to it, and it turned out to be Angelie, who was at the church and needing a ride. She had been at New Life in the morning as well, since she had no way to get to Central with her parents all the way in Italy. So here she was at the church with no way to get to the Poulton’s house. She was just planning on walking back home, but Pastor Al, who was at the church, had insisted that she not feel bad about calling and asking for a ride.

Anyways, Caitlin relayed all this information to the group of us sitting there; I just sort of looked around waiting for anyone to volunteer to pick her up. Seeing no one making any sort of move, I just stood up and sighed, “Alright alright, I’ll pick her up.” I drove over to the church, ending up behind the slowest drivers on the face of the earth, and then picked her up and drove back. She didn’t want to walk into their house…Continue Reading

Busy as a Bumblebee

I’m just so terribly sorry that I missed a day. I’m sure some of the faithful readers were going through withdrawal symptoms as they anxiously refreshed the page over and over, hoping for their lives to be fulfilled with new content from my blog. That’s assuming that I had any faithful readers, of course. Yesterday I was busy most of the day, so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write anything. I’ll get to the specifics, but let me backtrack even further.

Friday night was crazy. I worked from 9-12, and as soon as I got there, I set to work because it was so busy. My first task was to clean theatres along with Nikki and Heather. That was fine. Then afterwards, I was looking around for something to do, and Miranda caught my attention and had me change the Coke in the back, since her pop station was out of it. That was fine, so I did that. The next thing they needed me to do was get ice for them, since they were running out, so while Nikki went to the mall’s cleaning room to get a garbage bin, I got ice for the concession stations. Once Nikki got back, I loaded up the garbage bin with all about five bags of garbage. I was shoving in cardboard on the sides, and Mike stopped me and asked if I could help him out by getting the popcorn and pop that his customers needed, since…Continue Reading


You know, I had a nice entry written up yesterday, and as I went to post it, it said that the blog I was looking for could not be found, or something like that. I thought that was strange, so I hit the Back button to go back and try it again. When I did so, I found that all my hard work was erased – gone forever. That made me angry, and since I didn’t have enough time before going off to work to write it all out again, I decided to just forget it and tell you about it today.

Luckily, yesterday was pretty boring anyways. The night before was kind of interesting. I ended up having the best of both worlds: I went to the church for the Life Groups thing, and then went to the Staats’ house afterward and hung out with people there. It wasn’t amazingly exciting, but we did have a pretty good game of Spoons going at one point. Anyways, yesterday at school was boring, and then I went to work and it was boring there as well. So that pretty much summarizes the previous post (although I went into greater detail in some areas).

Today was pretty average as well. Nothing really exciting happened at all. Tonight is the second night of work in a three day work-fest. I know that makes it sound much better than it really is, but it doesn’t take much to do that. I’m only working 9-12…Continue Reading

Hectic Days

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I’m not even sure where to begin today. So much stuff happened today that my mind is just swimming in a giant pool of disoriented thoughts. To paint the picture for you, imagine a massive swimming pool – and I mean big. Now put in some water, which represents my thoughts. These thoughts have to be swirling and twirling in random fashion, creating eddies and currents every which way. Now throw in a brain. As far as I know, brains aren’t very keen swimmers, so it will likely do more sinking than swimming. Now, have that all in your head? That’s me right now. Yes, I know it’s quite a long introduction just for a pathetic word picture, but bear with me. I wanted to make a long first paragraph, after all.

As that horrid lady in the revolting, gruesome horror movie The Sound of Music once said, “Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start.” Actually, scratch that. Let’s start before the beginning, which in this case is last night. I had to work from 6 to 12, and those six hours were about the longest six of my life. Well actually, I’ve likely had worse, but these hours were definitely in the top ten of longest hours in my life. Even though it was a weeknight, it was still fairly busy since we have a new movie out, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I personally don’t want anything to do with that movie,…Continue Reading