Movies, McDonalds, and…um…Clue

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Right now I’m debating between my options of either writing a short little entry today, then doing my homework before I go to work so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning, or writing a decent-sized entry and then just leaving my homework until tomorrow morning completely. It’s a tough decision, so I guess I’ll just avoid making it and try to just accurately narrate the events of last night and today as concisely as possible. Then we’ll figure out my homework situation later.

Last night was quite interesting. I wanted to do something since I knew I had to work tonight and I have a worship practice tomorrow night that I need to go to. So I called up Melissa and tried to figure out something to do. Eventually I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I’m a boring person and can’t come up with interesting ideas. We decided to get people to come to my house and watch a movie. That was the plan anyways. I started calling people, and quickly found out that almost no one was at home. I got a few responses from people’s parents, though, saying that they would be back within about half an hour or so. That was promising. Anyways, with a complete lack of response, I called Melissa back and just told her to hold off on coming over for the time being until I heard back from people. I then told her that it was the last time I ever tried to plan anything on a school night. Sheesh.

Anyways, I eventually heard back from a few people, and ended up with a few people who wanted to hang out: Michelle, Kristin, and Angelie. Of course, with Angelie’s parents in Italy, she had no way to get to my house, so I quickly figured out the best strategy to get everyone to my house in the most efficient way possible. Michelle was picking up Kristin, and Melissa and her sister Holly were walking over to my house. Michelle and Kristin said they weren’t coming until a bit later, though – around 8:00 PM or so. That, I figured, would give me time to go pick up Angelie, get the movie, and get back – after Melissa and Holly arrived, of course. I suppose I could have gone and picked them up, but I didn’t really think of that. I guess I’m just not that intelligent. Anyways, they arrived, and we headed out the door to drive over to Angelie’s house. There we waited about ten minutes for her to come out, and then I drove over to Super A Video to get the movie. By this time it was already 8:00, so I knew that Kristin and Michelle were likely already at my house and having an awkward conversation with my parents or something. So I told people to hurry up and pick a movie. We eventually agreed on Ocean’s Twelve (well, I suggested it, and nobody said no), so I picked it out and went to the desk. I had to start a membership there since I didn’t have one, so he had to fill out stuff on the computer. There was a password that I had to choose, and the guy said that it could be a word or number of some sort. Melissa just said, “How about ‘Melissa is the coolest’?” and the guy said, “Okay,” and typed it in. I was shocked. I didn’t know my voice sounded that similar to hers or anything – I guess she has a pretty masculine voice. I don’t know. Anyways, so that apparently was my password. Whatever.

I drove everyone home and found Kristin and Michelle on the couch watching TV. I was just glad that my parents weren’t trying to make small talk or anything. But anyways, I put on the movie, but no one really was watching it. They were all talking and such, and never really quieted down to hear what was even going on. Eventually they just asked if they could play Clue instead. They thought I might be mad since I had already gone and rented the movie, but I didn’t care. I’ll end up watching it, even if no one else wants to – it’s a cool movie. But anyways, I got out Clue, and we played. Melissa won, but she cheated, and even though everyone else did as well, since she won, I think everyone was in agreement that the win should be declared void due to the breach of regulations. Boy, don’t I sound technical. But anyways, we talked for a while afterwards, and then Kristin and Michelle headed home so that Kristin could study for her Calculus test today. Angelie wanted to go home as well, but Melissa (and Holly too, I’m assuming) didn’t, since they had phoned their mom and asked to stay out longer – that was when the movie was on. So anyways, I decided that to please everyone, what we should do was to just have everyone get into the car and drive Angelie home, then I’d drop Melissa and Holly off on the way home instead. That was fine, so that’s what we did.

As it turned out, on the way home from Angelie’s house, we made a detour and stopped in at McDonald’s for ice cream. Of course, neither Melissa nor Holly had money, but they both wanted ice cream. It’s pathetic, really, but that’s what most females are like – they want something and aren’t willing to pay for it at the same time (I know that’s an obvious exaggeration with many exceptions, but bear with me here). Anyways, since I’m such a kind, generous individual, I gratefully paid for ice cream for the three of us – making sure they remembered it for the next time they asked me to do something like that. Anyways, we sat outside and ate our ice cream and such, and then I drove them home. That was pretty much it. It was fun, I suppose – I guess as much fun as is possible on a school night.

Today was fairly average except for this morning. I woke up at 7:00 AM so that I could be at See You at the Pole for 8:00 AM this morning. I had my mom drop me off at school, since she usually drives right by there at that time every day anyways. At the flagpole of the school, a bunch of us gathered around and sang some songs (a capella since the CD player decided not to work), then prayed for the school, the nation, and the Impact group at the school as well. It was quite a good time, and I’m certainly glad I did it. But anyways, the rest of the day was fairly average. Angelie spoke about her missions trip to New Zealand at Impact at lunchtime. Altogether, it was a day where God just kept popping up – definitely a good thing.

Anyways, I would go on to mention my horribly boring first period spare, in which I sat in the library and tried to stay awake by writing a narrative entitled “My Boring First Period Spare,” but, as the title suggests, it isn’t that interesting of a subject. I basically wrote an entire page talking about how bored I was. Perhaps I’ll type it up and post it here, just for your reading pleasure. Perhaps not. You’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose. Anyways, I have to work tonight from 6-12, so I should probably finish this off and get working on my homework, to get as much of it done as possible. It should be exciting – as exciting as writing an entire page about boredom. And let me tell you, that’s quite boring.

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