Lunchtime Visits and Old English Journals

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Today’s been a better day than the three previous days of school. If you graphed a line of how I felt at school over the past week, it’d be a curve upward. I mean, I still don’t want to be there all that much, just because I could do without the extra year, I have few friends there, and most people there are younger than me by anywhere from one to five years. But overall, I’m just getting more used to being there, and I also realize that I need the extra courses. This year will also help me as a sort of “transition year” – I’d rather go from twenty people, to a few hundred people, to thousands of people, instead of straight from twenty to thousands. It at least gets me used to the shock of having people everywhere around you, as well as the lightning-quick reflexes needed in order to navigate throughout the crowded hallways between classes. It takes quick thinking to figure out where best to go, or else you get trapped behind someone who’s planning on getting to class five minutes late by the speed at which they’re walking. Intersecting hallways are the worst. The flow of students are going every which way, and it takes a quick mind to figure out how fast people are going so you can slip in between a rush of traffic.

The highlight of my day today has to be lunchtime. Normally that’s the worst part of the day for me, but today was different than usual. Jon had his van at school, so at lunchtime I found him and we headed over to BCC to visit people there. I took my backpack since I knew that Mr. G had a whole ton of stuff to give to me. When I arrived, he showed up outside with a big plastic bag full of folders with paper inside. Jon and I talked to the people there for a while until it was time for their classes to start. They had to change the layout of the desks and stuff to fit more of them in the rooms. I won’t bore you with all the details, since desks really aren’t all that exciting, but needless to say, it was good to see everyone again and say hello.

As I look over all the papers that Mr. G gave me, it includes my English folder from all four years, along with the English journals as well. I’ve read partway through my Grade 9 journal, and I must say that it’s pretty funny to read. My writing is horrible, and I write so little that each entry is only a few sentences. A few are a bit longer than that, but I guess this was when I didn’t like writing in my English journal. In later years, it grew on me, and became a good way to let my creative juices flow. Anyways, I also notice that my grammar has improved quite a bit as well. I mean, if you read through my blog here, you’ll notice quite quickly that I still start sentences with conjunctions, and I’m sure I’ve probably written about a million sentences with comma splices in them. I also end sentences with prepositions – a big no-no. But I don’t really care that much (notice that this sentence begins with “but”), since most authors tend to do the same anyways. It’s proper English, but that isn’t always the most exciting way to write. I figure that since I’m not writing an essay, I can slack on the rules a bit – besides, it’s my own blog, and I do what I want on it.

Anyways, I sort of lost my train of thought since the phone rang and I was talking for a little while. I don’t think there was much more that I wanted to say anyways. Tonight, people are going over to the Staats’ and then figuring out something to do from there. What we’ll end up doing is anyone’s guess. All I know is that anything we do is going to be more interesting than sitting at home alone on a Friday night – even if I do have my old English journals to entertain me…

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