Life Groups, Lunch Times, and Laziness

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Last night certainly had some ups and downs – mostly ups, which was good, but still a few downs. All the youth (yes, all ten or so of them) got together for Life Groups at the Poulton’s house and talked for awhile. I had driven over there, and people were currently in the process of just joking around and having a good time, when the phone rang. Caitlin answered the phone since she was the closest to it, and it turned out to be Angelie, who was at the church and needing a ride. She had been at New Life in the morning as well, since she had no way to get to Central with her parents all the way in Italy. So here she was at the church with no way to get to the Poulton’s house. She was just planning on walking back home, but Pastor Al, who was at the church, had insisted that she not feel bad about calling and asking for a ride.

Anyways, Caitlin relayed all this information to the group of us sitting there; I just sort of looked around waiting for anyone to volunteer to pick her up. Seeing no one making any sort of move, I just stood up and sighed, “Alright alright, I’ll pick her up.” I drove over to the church, ending up behind the slowest drivers on the face of the earth, and then picked her up and drove back. She didn’t want to walk into their house because everyone was going to laugh at her, but it ended up that no one really paid all that much attention to her anyways – I mean, they said hello and everything, but Kyle was mostly joking around about why it had taken so long.

Anyways, I don’t think we actually ended up talking about anything all that “spiritual,” but since Mrs. Poulton hadn’t been able to pick up the material we’re going to use, that was okay. We talked about some of the things we need to do in youth in order to make it more inviting, as well as how to organize a few things for the upcoming fall season. That was all positive stuff, and it was great until the conversation turned to some people that weren’t there. One person who used to live here, then moved out west, and now has come back, isn’t liked all that much by a few people, and the conversation spiraled downward. To their credit, they realized that they were being hard on this person, and wanted to invite him to come over that night. The only problem was that nobody wanted to actually be the one to do the inviting. Since I had been introduced to him by my mother, and have said hi a few times to him when I’ve seen him at school, I decided that I’d go ahead and call him up. They found his number and I called him, and he got a ride over. I’m not sure that people made him all that welcome, but I don’t think it was awkward for him or anything either. It was hard to tell, really.

So anyways, after a while, people tried to decide where to go. Some people were hungry, but others had no money for food. Anyways, after a long time of deliberating over this life-and-death issue, we finally got into cars and drove to Wendy’s, the restaurant of choice for indecisive people. There a few interesting things happened. The best part for me was getting about $5.50 in change from Lawrence and Kyle. Of course, there was a catch. There was a lid from someone’s frosty lying on the table, and it still had a bit of the frosty on it. Kyle poured a bunch of salt and pepper on it and said he’d give me the money if I ate it. I readily agreed – since I’ve eaten much worse before for free – and gobbled it down, licking it up just to finish it off. Of course, because of all the salt, I probably have a few clogged arteries, but with free nation-wide healthcare, as long as I don’t leave this wonderful country of Canada, I can receive medical care once I have an aneurism or something. I could continue with that line of thinking, but I’m really just not in a political mode of thought right now. The point is that I made $5.50 for doing something that I probably would have done for free, just to see what it tasted like. That’s not a bad deal if you ask me.

That was pretty much the whole night. People are getting more serious about the worship team now, which is good. We scheduled a practice for tonight and for Thursday night. My prayer right now is that we’d be able to keep the focus on God and off of ourselves. I know that in the past, that’s been a big issue, but with the positive change I’ve seen in the people in the youth group, I’ll just have to wait and see whether the problem remains. I mean, the change hasn’t been a huge revival and a total change in thinking, but there just seems to be a desire to keep the group from stagnating. I doubt it’s because they want to glorify God and reach out to others in the community, but a small positive change is still a positive change. God’s been working on their hearts, and I pray that He would continue, just as I know He’s been working on mine to keep my focus on the proper target. After all, we shouldn’t come to youth to sing cool songs and look good, and we shouldn’t come to hang out with our friends. The focus needs to be on God, and everything we do should reflect that. Tonight at the practice, I’ll try to bring that up and see how the others react.

Anyways, I think that’s it for today. There’s not much to say about school except that it’s as boring as it always is. But honestly, how much can you really expect from school? It’s not like it’s supposed to be fun… But in all seriousness, I think I’m really feeling a lot better about the whole North Park dealio. I’ve gotten used to it, and although I don’t like it just because it’s school, I can’t say that it’s giving me major stress anymore. The loneliness isn’t too much of an issue, although sometimes I feel like I’m annoying the people I hang around. It’s mostly Kristin and Becky that I talk to at lunch, and sometimes I feel like I’m one of those annoying little kids that follows people around or something, but I think they understand that if I don’t hang out with them, then I basically sit alone and eat my lunch in silence. Of the entire day, I think lunch time is my least favourite part. At BCC it was my favourite – that’s the biggest difference to me. At BCC, I had a whole bunch of friends who would sit around a table and have lots of fun. At North Park, I have a couple people who I talk to, and we have a bit of a laugh or two, but it’s just not as interesting. But whatever. I don’t feel like starting another paragraph, so I’m ending this off here. There’s writing laziness at its finest for you.

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