Heart of Worship (and Other Misc. Items)

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Today was average. Last night was pretty cool. Considering that contrast, let me tell you a bit about the more interesting of the two time periods. As I’m pretty sure I mentioned, there was another worship practice at my church last night. And also, it was pouring rain, with bolts of lightning turning the night sky into day for an instant in time. Does God show His anger with thunderstorms? Apparently not.

Despite the rain outside, we, the youth worship team, had a great practice inside. Of course, it took us almost an hour to get set up and get things working – there were numerous problems with the sound system that had to be worked out, since it happens to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest and worst sound system in the world. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is pretty bad. I suppose it works, though, so I can’t really complain. Lawrence and J.B. eventually figured out all the levels and channels and all that other confusing stuff that I’ve never really cared to know about. Meanwhile, I plugged in my amp, connected my bass to my amp via a patch cord, and turned it on – much simpler than dealing with tangled microphone wires.

Once we got going, though, I thought it was quite a good practice. Of course, afterwards everyone said that they liked it a whole lot better in the sanctuary, but that’s because the sound quality in the gym takes a nosedive as soon as you speak above a whisper. All sound echoes everywhere, and when added to the subpar sound system, it makes for an altogether unenjoyable experience. It’s what we have to work with, though, so I say that with all sound quality-related difficulties aside, it was a good practice. The heart was there, even if the singing was hard to hear. And I’m pretty sure that’s all that God cares about; we can sing spectacularly and have a soothing, pleasing sound, but if all we’re doing is singing, then God labels it as worthless. I think it’s definitely harder to worship when the sound isn’t great, but even despite that obstacle, we managed to get things under control and eventually worshipped God through our practice. Thus, I label it a success.

As for today, there’s really not much to write about. It was fairly average, so I can’t pick out any real exciting events that happened. I suppose the thing most out of the ordinary was at lunchtime, when I worked with Alex again on our mousetrap car. We gave it a trial run, and it went about a metre. Since our goal is ten metres, it didn’t exactly pass with flying colours, but we’re going to make some modifications over the weekend which will hopefully give it some more distance.

This weekend should be interesting. Since I booked it off work, I have the entire thing free (minus homework) to hang out and everything. Tonight I’m going to Jake’s house for an all-nighter – well, I haven’t exactly told my parents yet, since it keeps slipping my mind, but I’ll tell them at supper tonight – and tomorrow I have to meet up with Alex and finish off this stupid car. Of course, I may be tired from tonight, but whatever. I’ll likely do something on Saturday night, but I’m not sure what yet, and then Sunday afternoon will likely be devoted to finishing homework. On Sunday night, we have our first youth service of the fall season, which should be awesome. I guess I’ve just gone and given you my whole itinerary for the weekend, but seeing as it will likely change a hundred times or so, I wouldn’t rely on it too heavily. Anyways, I think I’m done for today. I don’t feel like writing anymore, and I have places to go and people to see – or something like that…

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