Experimental Science

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After extensive testing and rigorous procedures, I can safely declare that I have scientifically proven that it is torture to attend school the day after a 17-hour day. You may ask how this could possibly be true – if you do, though, you may as well slap yourself now and just forget reading the rest of this. It’s obvious, but yet I took it upon myself to prove this categorically to the world once and for all.

Yesterday I woke up at 7:00 AM for See You at the Pole. After a gruelling 17 hours with no shut-eye, I finally got home from work at about 12:10 AM early the next morning. You would think that after that long, I would fall right asleep – but no. Generally, I find that after getting off work, even though it’s really late, the fact that I’ve been working, walking, standing, etc. keeps me from getting tired. In other words, there’s no slow-down period. I work really late, which tells my body to release some sort of stimulants to keep me going, and then suddenly I tell it to fall asleep right away. So it doesn’t really work. I suppose I could likely add about another hour onto that 17 hours, since it took about an hour to fall asleep, but we’ll leave it at 17 just for scientific purposes.

Today was pretty much torture in its vilest form. I woke up at 8:15 AM and tried to keep myself going the entire day. The day in itself wasn’t all that interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s because nothing happened or if I missed everything interesting that happened because I was too busy trying to stay awake. I think Geometry class had to be the worst part. Mr. Suominen taught for about five minutes, and then left us with questions to do. The only thing was that the questions were so horribly easy that everyone was done within about twenty minutes at most. After finishing up my questions, I faced the prospect of having to sit there for the remainder of class. I tried not to fall asleep by taking notice of what was going on around me. I listened in on people’s conversations, I watched the two guys behind me arm wrestle, and I watched the teacher explain some strange isosceles triangle problem on the board to one person. It was all very entertaining, and I managed to stay awake the entire class – with much difficulty, though.

Overall, my conclusion stands that going to school after a 17-hour day the day before is torture. I have proven it without a shadow of a doubt, because school is already torture as it is, even if someone slept the entire day before. Anyways, tonight we have a worship practice at my church, which should be good. I’ll make sure to write about how it goes, because that’s just what I do here. As for anything else to say, I think if I needed to say it, I already said it. So I’ll just stop talking before I drop dead from over-heating.

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