Decisions, Decisions

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Today was better than the previous two days in regard to school. I felt a lot more relaxed and in control than I did before. There’s not all that much to talk about for today, except to mention that my mom gave me money to buy supper, so after school I walked over to Quizno’s and bought my favourite sub, a Mesquite Chicken. I wasn’t sure whether there would be enough time to go buy that and then come back to catch the 3:30 bus, but it ended up that there was plenty of time. Tonight I have to work again for three hours – it’ll most likely be horribly boring like last night. After youth last night, I went to work from 9-12, and there were very few people there. At the end of the night, we were waiting for two people in one theatre – that was all that was left. I was so incredibly bored. Since tonight is a weeknight as well, I suspect it won’t be that busy tonight either. Oh well. At least it’s only three hours of boredom.

I got a letter from my youth group yesterday that I read when I got home from work. Apparently on the Sunday nights when they have Life Groups, we’re getting into guys’ and girls’ groups and probably doing a book study. I’m not sure whether that was a result of Pastor Al trying to combine ideas so things weren’t too busy, or just a coincidence, but that means that the book study I was going to set up is most likely out the window. I don’t want to “compete” in any way, and since they’d be doing a book on Sunday nights as well as another book on Wednesday nights, I don’t really want to step up on a platform and announce that there’s plans for a third book. So that forced me into a dilemma. On the one hand, I want to get involved with this book study on every other Sunday night, alternating with services. On the other hand, Central’s youth group has switched their services to Sunday nights for the upcoming fall season. Once I found out about those plans, I told people that I would only be able to come every other Sunday, but if I’m wanting to get involved in this Life Group thing as well, that means not going to Central at all. That’s not something I want to do, but as I thought and prayed about it, it became fairly evident to me that my primary responsibility was to my home church. Though I like Central’s youth group better, I also want to see the group at my own church grow and mature – and that will take a lot of time and committment. It’s not going to happen overnight, and the best thing that’s in my power to do in order to facilitate that growth is to participate myself.

So as I prayed, I finally resolved that there was no way to reconcile the two options. I didn’t want to choose, but I found no other way around it. It was one or the other, and the prodding in my heart was telling me that participating in Life Groups was better for me. Besides, I can hang out with my friends from Central on the weekend and such, so it’s not a total loss. But as I prayed, I decided that this was a trial period sort of thing. If I saw absolutely no interest in the Life Groups from others – the other guys, that is, since there’s a guys’ group and a girls’ group – then I would resort to plan B, which was to participate on Wednesday nights and go to Central’s youth group every other Sunday night. So we’ll see how that goes, I suppose. This was a fairly hard decision for me. I didn’t want to make it at all, and I wish that there was some way to get out of it. But people at Central have talked to Pastor Rob to try to get him to choose some night other than Sunday for the services, and he doesn’t seem to have changed his mind, so I saw no way out of it. Perhaps once New Life gets a new youth pastor, he’ll have different plans in mind for the night that youth services are held on. We’ll wait and see – it’s all I can really do.

So with that said, I need to end this off so I can go get ready for work. Hopefully I’ll get some good commission since I’m working on concession tonight, but I doubt it considering that there probably won’t be many people there. Who goes to movies on Thursday nights, especially during the months when school is on? But anyways, if you didn’t understand that the previous question was rhetorical, then please slap yourself and move on. As for me, I’ll just move on.

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