Calls, Candles, Car Washes

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Last night was, well, interesting to say the least. It all started with a call from Melissa, who wanted to do something but didn’t know what. She had called me up to make me come up with a good idea. However, considering I had been trying to think of what to do on a Friday night for the past hour or so, and hadn’t come up with anything really good, I didn’t have too many suggestions for her. She wanted to do something outside since it was a nice day out, but she rejected all the ideas I gave her. She wanted to play soccer, but I reminded her that anyone else we called up would most likely be too lazy to play that.

What ended up happening was that we decided to just call people up and tell them to meet at her house, and then we’d figure out what to do. That was fine, I called up Jeff and Dave, and then went for supper once my parents got home. Afterwards, I got my mom to drop me off at the Staats’ house. Dave was already there, and they were just waiting for Meagan. Apparently Kristin and Bethany were going to a baby welcoming thing at Central, so we were walking over there as well, and then watching a movie afterwards. I was so grateful that I was informed of exactly what I was doing that night – of course, I would have liked some input into the whole thing. Anyway, just about anything is better than sitting at home on a Friday night, so away we went. Partway through the walk to the church, Dave decided to call up Jeff on his cell phone. They had tried calling him before, but couldn’t get ahold of him. He had to go out with his dad for supper, and he had told me to call him on his cell phone if we were leaving the Staats’ house to go somewhere, so he could meet up with us. Anyways, Dave called him and got ahold of him, and then told him to come pick us up so we didn’t have to walk. Once Melissa found out, she got all mad because we were driving when we could be walking on a nice day. So I decided to do a kind thing for my friend – I told Dave that I would walk with Meagan and Melissa to keep them happy, and he could go with Jeff, since he was the one that didn’t want to walk anyways.

We walked the rest of the way to Central, during which most of the time was spent by Melissa and Meagan talking about jokes at school that I didn’t understand since I wasn’t there. I mostly just walked in silence until the topic changed. Anyways, soon we got to the church, and saw Jeff and Dave sitting in the car in the parking lot. Going up to talk to them, we found out that they weren’t coming inside since they didn’t really know anyone in there anyways. I talked to them and told them that I knew absolutely no one there, but I was still going in. That wouldn’t change their mind, though, so I went in and they stayed out there. I really don’t know what they did out there, but whatever. We waited outside in the hallway until Kristin and Bethany showed up, then went into the room. One lady introduced us to the different couples and their children, and I just sort of stood in the back of the group and tried to be invisible. The lady was glad that some of the youth decided to show up, though, so that was good. We sat down in some of the chairs, and then one person handed out six pennies to everyone there. Then they put a chair in the middle of the circle of chairs and put a bag on it. The lady read off some questions from a sheet, and we were supposed to put a penny in the bag if any applied to us. The person who lasted the longest with a penny was the winner. Anyways, the questions basically all had to do with childhood and stuff, which is understandable considering that it was a baby welcoming. Anyways, at the end, I had a penny left and no one else did, so I won. The lady handed me a gift bag, and I found out that my wonderful prize was a candle. That was great – I guess. I’m not really all that fond of candles. As soon as I opened it and found out what it was, I immediately handed it over to Melissa. After all, if I’m not going to use it, I might as well give it to someone who might.

I’ve never understood the whole candle thing. I mean, why do women like candles so much? It’s always the scented candles, too, not just the regular candles. If I ever ran out of ideas for what to get my sister for her birthday or Christmas, I knew that a candle would always suffice. She always had a whole bunch of candles in her room, and I don’t think she ever lit them at all. They just sat there. But it was horrible going into her room just because of the overpowering smell. I mean, it’s not a bad smell, but with that much, it’s just unbearable. I couldn’t go in there sometimes just because of all the different scents from all the different candles. I don’t know how my sister could stand it. Anyways, I guess I can understand the whole thing about wanting a nice scent. But what I don’t understand is, why candles? Couldn’t women just use air fresheners or something? I mean, both my sister and my mother have a whole bunch of candles, but do they ever light them? No! Every once in a while, perhaps, but most of the time they just sit there. So why even have the wick in there at all? You might as well just take a lump of wax, inject it with some good-smelling stuff, and then plop it on a shelf somewhere. Or just get one of those Glade air fresheners and “plug it in, plug it in.” They give off the same nice scent, but without the redundancy of a candle that never gets used.

Anyways, enough about that. After the game, we excused ourselves politely from the whole thing. The people there were trying to get us to have some cake before we left, but we said no thanks and headed out. At least they know we weren’t just coming for the food, though. We headed out and I got into Jeff’s car while the girls got into Bethany’s car. They wanted to go to the mall, so we said we’d go and rent the movie, then meet up back at the Staats’ place. We went to Blockbuster and spent a long time just trying to pick out a movie – like always happens at movie rental places. Unless you know exactly what you want before you even go into the store, I don’t think it’s possible to spend under fifteen minutes in places like that. Anyways, Jeff wanted to get a gory war movie to get even with the girls for making us watch movies like Cinderella Story and The Notebook. I didn’t really care too much until Dave pointed out that we needed to get a movie that Mrs. Staats would approve of – since she wouldn’t hesitate to kick us out of her house with the movie in our hands if she didn’t like it. We looked for a good movie to get, and finally settled on getting National Treasure – not a sappy movie, but not gory, either. Well, Dave and I settled on getting that, anyways. Jeff was still protesting and was looking for a “nice clean comedy” (as if there are any of those nowadays) to get instead. Dave, looking a little annoyed by this point, just said, “Look, I’m paying for it, so we’re getting National Treasure. Let’s go.” He paid, we left, and that was that. Well, sort of.

Jeff, while a fun guy to hang out with, has a short attention span. Perhaps not ADD, but definitely something similar to it. As we walked back out to his car, he looked at it and commented at just how horrible it looked, pointing out the water spots and streaks on his car. He was right – it did look pretty bad. But that put him into a whole mindset of needing to get a car wash. Dave and I couldn’t really say too much; after all, he was the one driving us around and everything. So he headed over to Pioneer and went inside to buy a car wash. He didn’t just get a car wash, though. Oh no. Only the best for his sweet little Precidia. He got an Ultimate Wash, the best kind you can get there. We had to wait for the SUV ahead of us to finish, and then we drove in. I must admit, it was pretty cool. It sprayed this multi-coloured foam that looked like something for Easter, with all the pink, yellow, and light blue. But it also took a long time. I was thinking that probably the girls would already be back at Melissa’s house waiting.

Anyways, after Jeff parked and got out to inspect his newly washed car, we headed back to the Staats’ house. We got there, and it turned out that the girls weren’t even back yet. So Jeff and I went downstairs to play Halo, with Dave following us down after a few minutes since he found the movie the Staats’ kids were watching boring. We played Halo for a while until the girls got home. Jeff was killing me for a long time, and then I started to catch up. At the end, it was something like 25-25, and I said that the next kill would win. Unfortunately, I was at a disadvantage at that point, but whatever. He got me, and then we turned it off and went upstairs to put on the movie. People talked for about the first ten or fifteen minutes, so I had no clue what was going on, but whatever. I had seen the ending of the movie before, so I knew what happened and how unrealistic it was. As it turns out, the rest of the movie is just as unrealistic. Anyways, after it was over, people went home, and Jeff dropped me off at my house.

So that was last night. It was certainly interesting. I had some fun, had some times that weren’t so fun, and yet some more that were somewhere in between. Overall, though, I think it was better than sitting at home alone on a Friday night. I’ve had nights like that, and they’re really not all that fun. Of course, I think that’s pretty obvious. But I think that’s all I’ll say for today. I have to work tonight from 6:15-11:30 on concession, so that should be interesting. I really don’t want to work at all, but whatever. In fact, I think I could just go to sleep and not wake up for a week or so – of course, that’s assuming I actually could fall asleep for that long. I haven’t slept well for quite a while, and a night of pure, uninterrupted sleep would be great right now. Since I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon, though, I might as well just make the best of it and go to work like I just slept for six weeks straight. Since it’s a Saturday night, I doubt I’ll be able to fall asleep on the job – it’ll likely be too busy for that. So here’s to late shifts, sleepless nights, and drained energy. Gotta love it.

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