Busy as a Bumblebee

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I’m just so terribly sorry that I missed a day. I’m sure some of the faithful readers were going through withdrawal symptoms as they anxiously refreshed the page over and over, hoping for their lives to be fulfilled with new content from my blog. That’s assuming that I had any faithful readers, of course. Yesterday I was busy most of the day, so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write anything. I’ll get to the specifics, but let me backtrack even further.

Friday night was crazy. I worked from 9-12, and as soon as I got there, I set to work because it was so busy. My first task was to clean theatres along with Nikki and Heather. That was fine. Then afterwards, I was looking around for something to do, and Miranda caught my attention and had me change the Coke in the back, since her pop station was out of it. That was fine, so I did that. The next thing they needed me to do was get ice for them, since they were running out, so while Nikki went to the mall’s cleaning room to get a garbage bin, I got ice for the concession stations. Once Nikki got back, I loaded up the garbage bin with all about five bags of garbage. I was shoving in cardboard on the sides, and Mike stopped me and asked if I could help him out by getting the popcorn and pop that his customers needed, since it was really busy. I told him that I needed to finish up this garbage run, and then I could do it afterwards. So I took the garbage back to the cleaning room, and then came back as quickly as I could to help Mike out. As soon as I got there, the customer that he was dealing with at the time spilled her pop all over the counter. I just sighed and said, “I’ve got it.” I spent the next ten minutes cleaning the counter with paper towel in and around Mike and the customers that he continued to serve. It was hectic.

After cleaning up the spill, I helped Mike out for a little while until the line of customers became manageable again. Then I went about my regular ushering duties. I was cleaning the popcorn machine when a customer came out of theatre 3 and asked to speak to a manager. Mike showed her over to talk to Carla, and I overheard her saying that some kids in the theatre were talking and laughing and just generally being obnoxious. Carla just told me to come with her, and so we walked into the theatre and listened for kids talking. Once they saw us standing there looking around, they shut up, and so we stood there beside them in the aisle for a few minutes. Then Carla told me to just stand there for another five minutes while she finished counting cash, and then she’d be back in to take over for me. I waited, and waited, and waited. Fifteen minutes came by, and I finally just left. The kids weren’t talking anymore, and I had a popcorn machine to finish cleaning. Once I got out, I saw Carla off doing something else, and she just asked me whether the kids were still talking. I said that I hadn’t heard another word out of them, and that was fine. Of course, she never came in to take over for me, but whatever – she’s a manager, and I’m not. She pays me, so I don’t complain.

The rest of the night was devoted to me rushing around trying to get everything finished on time. I thought that I was going to be feeling tired, but I ended up feeling really energetic. Everything was going like clockwork for me as I did one thing or another, and that got me all pumped up. I’m not really sure why – I’m weird, what can I say? Anyways, I finally got off work once all the movies were out, and I went home. When I got into bed, I strangely didn’t feel tired at all. It was insane. I had been so busy and rushing around everywhere, and it was late at night as well, and yet I didn’t feel tired at all. I guess the adrenaline had really been pumping through my system more than I thought.

Anyways, that was Friday night. I ended up getting to sleep and having quite a good night. Yesterday morning, Jeff called me up around 11:30 AM and asked me if I wanted to do anything. I said sure, and just told him that I had to call a couple people first. That was fine with him, so he went on his way to pick me up as I called the people I had to call. The first one was Mrs. Poulton. She had sent me an email asking Lawrence, Julie, Lindsay, and myself whether we could play on Sunday morning. She went on to say in the email that we needed to call her to let her know, so that’s what I did. I just left a message with one of the Poulton kids since she wasn’t home at the time. The second person I called was Melissa. I asked her if her mom still needed help moving the air conditioners, since she had asked Dave and me if we could do that when we were over at their house on Wednesday night. Melissa said she didn’t know, and that her mom wasn’t home, so that was fine. I decided to go ahead and hang out with Jeff unless I heard otherwise.

Jeff came along, and we headed over to TSC to buy some coveralls for him – since he has an Auto class and such. He spent about twenty minutes trying on different sizes, and then finally got one that fit right. Then we headed to Blockbuster, picked up a racing game, and went to his house. We played that for a while, then decided to go get food. We were driving, and then Jeff asked me if I actually was hungry. I said I was, but not really hungry, and he said that he just realized that he wasn’t hungry at all. So he decided to just forget it and save our money. Whatever. We hung out in his garage for a while, and then he drove me home since he had to work that night. I had to work as well, so that was fine with me. My mom told me that she was going to get supper ready for me before I left, and that was fine as well. Unfortunately, for some reason, she thought I was working 7:30-10:30, when I was really working 6:00-10:30. I was sort of wondering when she was going to actually start supper, but I didn’t say anything about it. I just went and got changed into my uniform and came downstairs. She had just put on some spaghetti, and then she looked at what I was wearing and asked me when I was working to just double-check on the time. I told her I started at 6:00 and she almost jumped out of her skin. Fortunately, the spaghetti was ready in time, and I had about ten minutes to eat it before heading off to work. I was finished in about five – spaghetti is one of the easiest foods to eat, even when it’s boiling hot.

To summarize my time at work last night, I can say that it wasn’t all that bad. It was pretty busy, but not so busy that I suddenly exploded or anything (I doubt I’d be writing this right now if I did). I was working on concession, and at one point there was a huge lineup in front of everyone at a station. I was getting someone’s drink, regular size, and suddenly I realized that I didn’t have any regular sized lids left. That was fine; I just went to get one from Miranda’s pile. Then I realized that she didn’t have any either. I went down to Ricky’s station – same thing. Same with Michelle’s also. I looked in the cupboard for some more, and there were none there either. That meant trouble. I rushed out to where Scott was standing and asked him if he could run and grab some regular sized lids from the stock room. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it, but since no one at concession had any of those lids at all, he went and grabbed several sleeves and gave them to us.

Once that crisis was over, things died down. They always do between shows, and that’s a very good thing. I swept the floor, and not ten minutes later the unthinkable and certainly unfortunate happened. Ricky was going to fill up the popcorn machine with kernels and had grabbed one of the big bags that we have. These bags are slightly larger than potato bags and just about as heavy – perhaps a little moreso. Anyways, he set the bag down on the counter so he could pull out the big drawer that holds the kernels. He then picked up the bag from the counter but lost his grip on it. It fell and landed right on the edge of the metal drawer, landing face down on the floor. As he picked it up, I noticed that the drawer had sliced open the bag. Kernels went everywhere – all over my nicely swept floor, I might add. I ran over to help him, and supported the bag while he poured the kernels into the drawer. After that, I just looked at him and said, “All I can say is that I’m not sweeping those up.” Of course, everyone had a good chuckle at Ricky’s expense, which is customary in times like these. The thing that made it even funnier was that the same thing had happened to him just the day before. He told Carla, “I’ve determined that I should let someone else do kernels.”

Anyways, as unfortunate as that event was, I think it broke up the mood a little bit. Everyone was tired from the big rush of customers, and something funny like that was just what we needed. After that, everyone just kind of joked around and had some fun – while cleaning, of course. But anyways, since I didn’t have to close, I got off at 10:30 and went straight to bed. This time I was tired, and I slept. I knew that I had to be up early the next morning, anyways, so I needed all the sleep I could get. This morning, I went to worship practice in the morning and played bass. We had a guest worship leader there named Joey Goodman, and he did quite well. It was pretty cool.

After saying all that, let me just say that I’m glad to have finished up my three-day work-a-thon. It’s not the fact that I have to work late at night and stuff, but it’s the fact that it’s three days in a row, even though I’m working part-time. I mean, when you’re working full-time, you expect stuff like that, and you know when your shifts are. But with part-time, three days in a row gets to be a bit much, especially with school and all. But whatever. I survived. Now I just have to finish up homework and stuff – man, this work stuff just never ends. This entire week has been horribly busy, and I just want it to die down so I can catch up on needed sleep. Oh well. I think I’ll survive this too.

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