Boredom, Building, and Being Busy

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It is with great disdain that I post this entry. That’s actually a lie, but I’ve always wanted to use “disdain” in a sentence. So I did. Anyways, I don’t really have a lot of time to write today, so I’ll keep it short. Luckily, there’s not really much to talk about anyways.

Last night was interesting. First it was off to the church to do the next session of the Under Cover video series. We had a somewhat interesting discussion, but not too amazing or anything. Then my parents dropped me off at Jon’s house so that we could work on our straw tower. For two hours, we sat there connecting straws with paperclips. We made good progress on it, and we’re actually almost done, but still – two hours of straw after straw after straw! The monotony was broken up somewhat by a call from Hendrik. He talked to Jon for a little while, then talked to me as well afterwards. The great thing about Hendrik is that you can keep yourself in the conversation while still putting straws together. You just have to get him started on a topic, and he’ll just go on and on about it. He’s one of those people that just likes to talk – that’s a good thing, although it sometimes gets him into trouble. I, on the other hand, am usually only long-winded when I write. I don’t normally say much, but I can write forever. When you think about just how many words I’ve used in this blog, with over 350 entries, many of them quite long, it’s astounding at just how much I can write.

Anyways, that was last night. Today was a bunch of nothing with some more nothing thrown in. There’s really not much more to it than that. I was incredibly bored, and that feeling remained throughout the entire day. We burned salt and camphor in Chemistry, did review of ratios in triangles in Geometry, and did a test on vectors in Physics. I can’t say that any of that stuff was all that interesting. But hopefully tonight will be better. I know I definitely have enough to keep me occupied. I have Chemistry homework to do sometime tonight, plus as soon as my dad gets home, he’s taking me to L.A. Music to get a new patch cord for my bass. Supper is sometime after that, and then at 7:00 PM, I head over to Josh Coutts’ house for the guys’ small group. Hopefully that’s done sometime before 8:30 PM, because at that time, I have a worship practice at the church to go to. That will likely be a couple of hours, and then it’s straight to bed, because I’ll certainly be tired by then. It’s pretty much going to be a non-stop day, and somewhere in there we have to celebrate my mom’s birthday, since it’s today. Of course, since she has a course at Mohawk College tonight, she’s not going to be celebrating much anyways, so I think we might go out for supper or something, and that will be that.

But whatever. I think I’m done writing. I have Chemistry homework to do, and if I actually finish that, I have Geometry stuff to go over for my test tomorrow. I’m fairly confident that I know how to do it, but I need some practice to make sure. I didn’t get all the stuff done from today in class, so I’ll likely finish that up, and then I’ll determine just how well I know it. But with that said, I guess I should stop talking about my homework and actually go do it. Boy, I sure hate that part of homework – the part where you actually have to do it. Bah.

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