An Exercise in Speed Writing

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Well, since I’m running short on time, I’ll make this short. Basically, small groups last night were great, and the worship practice was pretty good too. Today, school was normal, and after school, I walked over to Jon’s house and we finished up our straw tower. We tested it out, and we know it now holds over 500g (the maximum it needs to in order to get full marks). I was glad when that was all over. We had to go and reinforce a lot of the straws just because they kept bending with the weight. I think we’ve got it now, though, so that’s good. All that’s left is the final test on Monday, where we see if it will hold together.

But yeah. Tonight, there’s a party at Meagan’s house for Dave’s birthday. It’s a surprise party, but since I doubt he’ll happen to read this before tonight – since I don’t think he reads it at all – I think I’m safe talking about it. If not, well then, I just ruined the entire thing. Oh well. His birthday was actually a week ago, but whoever is planning this thing decided to have it a week later so he would think that no one remembered or something. Anyways, it should be fun. Fun fun fun.

Oh yeah – one last thing to mention. My dad took me over to L.A. Music yesterday to look at getting a new patch cord. While driving over there, he asked if I wanted to look at guitars while we were there. I said sure, but then asked why, considering that he’s not really a guitar fanatic or anything. Then he told me that he and my mom had decided to get me an electric guitar for my birthday, but that they were going to let me pick it out so that I would be happy with it. While there, I saw a nice red Ibanez guitar for only $200 – that’s practically a steal for that kind of brand. Some of the other Ibanez guitars were over $2000. Anyways, we’re going to go up to Merch Music in Cambridge tomorrow and look at some more, just to see if there’s anything I like better. If not, that red Ibanez is mine. But yeah. I’m running out of time, because I need to get ready to go to this party. So I will end this off and party hardy. Woot.

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Well…I guess not, considering that I later found out that it was a surprise birthday party for me all along… 😐

Nice art, by the way…