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An Exercise in Speed Writing

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Well, since I’m running short on time, I’ll make this short. Basically, small groups last night were great, and the worship practice was pretty good too. Today, school was normal, and after school, I walked over to Jon’s house and we finished up our straw tower. We tested it out, and we know it now holds over 500g (the maximum it needs to in order to get full marks). I was glad when that was all over. We had to go and reinforce a lot of the straws just because they kept bending with the weight. I think we’ve got it now, though, so that’s good. All that’s left is the final test on Monday, where we see if it will hold together.

But yeah. Tonight, there’s a party at Meagan’s house for Dave’s birthday. It’s a surprise party, but since I doubt he’ll happen to read this before tonight – since I don’t think he reads it at all – I think I’m safe talking about it. If not, well then, I just ruined the entire thing. Oh well. His birthday was actually a week ago, but whoever is planning this thing decided to have it a week later so he would think that no one remembered or something. Anyways, it should be fun. Fun fun fun.

Oh yeah – one last thing to mention. My dad took me over to L.A. Music yesterday to look at getting a new patch cord. While driving over there, he asked if…Continue Reading

Boredom, Building, and Being Busy

It is with great disdain that I post this entry. That’s actually a lie, but I’ve always wanted to use “disdain” in a sentence. So I did. Anyways, I don’t really have a lot of time to write today, so I’ll keep it short. Luckily, there’s not really much to talk about anyways.

Last night was interesting. First it was off to the church to do the next session of the Under Cover video series. We had a somewhat interesting discussion, but not too amazing or anything. Then my parents dropped me off at Jon’s house so that we could work on our straw tower. For two hours, we sat there connecting straws with paperclips. We made good progress on it, and we’re actually almost done, but still – two hours of straw after straw after straw! The monotony was broken up somewhat by a call from Hendrik. He talked to Jon for a little while, then talked to me as well afterwards. The great thing about Hendrik is that you can keep yourself in the conversation while still putting straws together. You just have to get him started on a topic, and he’ll just go on and on about it. He’s one of those people that just likes to talk – that’s a good thing, although it sometimes gets him into trouble. I, on the other hand, am usually only long-winded when I write. I don’t normally say much, but I can write forever. When you think about just…Continue Reading

Awkward Activities

Well, today wasn’t too interesting at all. It was only at the end of the school day that something strange happened. I was waiting at the bus stop, and I saw J.B. walking across the street. As he got closer, I gave him my little head-nod to say hello, and took out one of my earbuds to hear what he had to say. He had apparently missed the bus that he usually catches on the other side of the street, and now he had to find another way home. He got on the bus that I catch, and since he got on before me, he got a seat and saved it for me. It was a little awkward talking to him, just because I don’t really know him that well, but since we go to the same church and everything, I suppose I might as well get to know him.

Anyways, I wasn’t exactly sure why he was on the bus I was on. I figured that he was planning to go all the way down to the terminal and then transfer there or something, since I had told him that there was usually another bus that came there in about ten or fifteen minutes, and he had shrugged his shoulders. So that was fine; I thought it a bit strange that he wouldn’t want to wait for fifteen minutes, but that was his choice. The ride was spent mostly in silence, since there really wasn’t much to talk about.…Continue Reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Boring

Last night was pretty brutal. Perhaps the only good thing about the night was the fact that I got out earlier than I was scheduled for. I was supposed to work from 6-12:15, but the last movie got out at 12:00, so I got to go a bit earlier. Yay. Of course, it was still after midnight when I got home, so getting out “earlier” is speaking relatively, and doesn’t really mean much. Anyways, the night itself wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t in any way good. There were very few people there, although more than I expected for a Monday night. I guess with two new movies and two semi-new movies out, more people are coming to the theatre. Whatever. All I have to do is rip their tickets and then clean up after them once they leave, so it doesn’t really matter to me too much.

Today was not much better than average, either. I mean, it certainly was better than last night, but when compared to other school days, the only thing that really made it better was visiting BCC at lunch. Jon brought his van today, so he, Kristin, Angelie, Jordan, and I got in at lunchtime and had a road trip all the way over to BCC. We hung out there for a while. It wasn’t too exciting, but it was still better than sitting in the cafeteria doing nothing. Besides, North Park doesn’t have a foozball table. Other than that, though, it was pretty average.…Continue Reading

Practices, Powerpoint, and Physics Papers

There’s really not much to say about today at all. In Physics class, we raced our mousetrap cars, and Alex and my car went 8 metres – not bad, I must say. But other than that, it was a fairly normal day, so I really am not sure what to write.

Last night was quite interesting. We had our first youth service of the new fall season, and it certainly was just as well-done as last year. To begin with, it took about half an hour to an hour just to get the microphones set up, turned on, and adjusted to a decent level. I had to sit at the horrible computer and type up four songs that weren’t in the Powerpoint, so that the people would have the words. That took a while, because the computer is quite slow, and the keyboard is very sensitive – well, the entire keyboard except for the I key, which sticks and only works when you hit it forcefully. I think in total, I spend more time backspacing than typing when I put songs into the system. Anyways, we eventually got everything set up, working, and semi-audible, so we practiced as much as we could. Then it was showtime.

Of course, no one on stage really has any reason to worry about sounding bad. After all, there were just about as many people out in the audience as on stage. Yeah, our youth group’s pretty pathetic. To our credit, though, I think we’re…Continue Reading

The Anti-Party

Last night was certainly a disappointment. I was expecting something cool at Jake’s house, and I ended up having more fun outside his house than I did inside. That would have been great if it was an outdoor party, but most of the “action” – if you can call it that – was inside. So I guess I’ll just go ahead and write about the night, since that’s what I generally do anyways.

The story actually begins even before the party. Since I have this weekend booked off work, I decided that I wanted to go see Flightplan in theatres. It just came out, and I wanted to see it on a weekend that I knew I didn’t have to work on. Melissa’s also told me that she wants to go see it, and so I figured that the most logical thing would be to go see it together – of course, that’s complicated by the fact that we’d have to have more people there since we’re not allowed to go on “dates,” but whatever. Anyways, I called Jake to see what time he wanted people over at his house, and he said between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. Since it was at about 4:00 PM when I called, that left plenty of time to do something in between. I decided that Flightplan would fit nicely in that space of time, so I called up Melissa to see if she wanted to go. As it turned out, she did, but she…Continue Reading

Heart of Worship (and Other Misc. Items)

Today was average. Last night was pretty cool. Considering that contrast, let me tell you a bit about the more interesting of the two time periods. As I’m pretty sure I mentioned, there was another worship practice at my church last night. And also, it was pouring rain, with bolts of lightning turning the night sky into day for an instant in time. Does God show His anger with thunderstorms? Apparently not.

Despite the rain outside, we, the youth worship team, had a great practice inside. Of course, it took us almost an hour to get set up and get things working – there were numerous problems with the sound system that had to be worked out, since it happens to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest and worst sound system in the world. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is pretty bad. I suppose it works, though, so I can’t really complain. Lawrence and J.B. eventually figured out all the levels and channels and all that other confusing stuff that I’ve never really cared to know about. Meanwhile, I plugged in my amp, connected my bass to my amp via a patch cord, and turned it on – much simpler than dealing with tangled microphone wires.

Once we got going, though, I thought it was quite a good practice. Of course, afterwards everyone said that they liked it a whole lot better in the sanctuary, but that’s because the sound quality…Continue Reading